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No Cost and Low Cost Study Materials

Definition of No Cost Low Cost Study Materials

Low cost no cost materials are the teaching aids which require no cost or available cheaply, and developed by locally available resources and expedite the process of learning in the classroom.

 Low cost no cost materials are developed from the waste and help the teachers in making the teaching interesting and concrete.

Importance Of Low Cost No Cost Materials

Low-cost teaching aids can be used in nursery, primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary schools. Low-cost teaching aids can be used for supplementary and illustrative education in the sciences as well as the humanities. However, they are most suitable for subjects like science, geography, mathematics and art and crafts.

Example of the Low Cost No Cost Materials:

Concept of Shapes in Math Subject at primary and Middle level classes:

 Example of Low Cost Materials

;Number and Latters:

For example if we have cut nine piece of plain old packaging cartons and we write latter 0 to nine on them so its help full to learn counting to primary classes. We cal also write some latter or pair of latters.

Example of Low Cost Materials

 Dice Game:

If we have some Dice then we use to learn addition of number. One student through the dice more than one time and write the score of that student each time and then add score.

Play much time with different students and then give the result how have highest total and who got the lowest total.

Example of Low Cost Materials

We can reuse many things which are easily available for example:

Disposable glass for making diffirent things.

Dates eaislay purchase on very low cost eat it and then its ghutli use for counting purpose.

Cards and papers making circle and other shapes.

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No Cost and Low Cost Study Materials