Applying for Google Adsense

Some Important Instruction Before Applying for Google Adsense

1. Privacy Policy:

in your Blog Privacy actually describes to your readers about what they will get on your Blog , what they should do and what they should not. You can get help form Privacy Policy Generators ( search on google ).

2. About Us Page

This is one of the most important page in you Blog. About page simply tell about you and your Blog to other people.

3. Contact Us Page

How reader contect with you. It is better to give an opportunity to your readers that they will speak to you and tell you how they feel about your Blog.

4. Name/ Email Verification

This is another important thing that you must put you Name and Email address in some easily visible area like About Me and Contact Us pages. It will confirm to Google Adsense Team that it is the same person who applied for Adsense.

5. Age

Google Adsense is not for under 18 people. So if you are then apply . Check the date of birth in your Google Addsense apply form.

6.Number of Posts

The number of the most is not actually problem some people have 100s of post but rejected form Google and some one have some post and get the adds. The post length is important its have some contents. The contents are your own. That's batter idea for Approval.

7. Design

 The outlook and how readers move in your posts is important.

11. Other Ad Networks

 If you have any other Ads placed like Chitika, Clicksor or anything, it’s time to drop them off. This is not because Google Adsense not allows you. But it’s better to remove the ads before Applying and don’t put them back until you get a reply from Adsense Team.

 12. Paid Traffic

 Don't use any facility of paid traffic on you bogs. This is not batter action for Google Adsense. You can bring traffic from Search Engines or any other way you want.