List Box and Combo box in MS Access

Adding List Box and Combo box in Access 2007 Form

The list box is Input tool when you want to limited the user that rather user write the input values, they select the values from some predefine values . In this tutorial we learn this process:

Step by Step process:

  • Open the form in design view for this purpose right click on form from navigation section and select design view from drop down list.
  • Now make some space for List Box.
  • Now Click on Design Tab form Office Ribbon then Select the List Box icon Form The control group.
  • Now Create a List Box by dragging the mouse on Free Space of Form .
  • When you finish then a List Box wizard will be start and a dialog box appear from which you can Select that how the list box display the values, rather taking the value form already store table or you type the value for list box. Select any option and click on next button.
  • If you select that List box takes values form table then in Next screen select The table other wise write the values for List box.
  • if you select that List Box Take values from Table and after selecting table you must select the column field from which List Box takes values.
  • After adding the field click on next button.
  • You can also arrange the values in Lit box in next dialog box.
  • In next dialog box values that you selected or enter your self will be display.
  • In next dialog box select the field where these value will be store.
  • Give the name of your List Box and click on Finish button.