Block any Website in Your Computer

Blocking a Website in Windows

In This tutorial we learn that how we block any website in our computer. For this purpose open the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder.
In etc folder you can find a file name hosts.

Double click on this file. And select Notepad to open this file in Notepad. You can also select any text editor to open this file. .
You cal also direct type the following command in Run for this purpose press window button + R button. .
And then type .
Finely when you don this then type the following address and website name in hosts file in the following way: .
Lets you want to block the then type these line in the end: .

Remember when you type address like in this address 3 or 2 is the next coming number from previous code shown in the hosts file. .
Now save your file and try to open block website.