MS Excel Tutorial About COUNTBLANK

COUNTBLANK Function In MS Excel

The Excel Countblank  function is one of the count function in MS excel. The Countblank function count the blank cell in a given range.

The syntax of the function is :


where Range is the group of cells the function is to search.

For Example if we have a list of student name and the Registration No of the student. if some student in my list have No Reg No. The COUNTIF function tell us that how many student have with out Reg No.

For example in given table


This table show the record of 8 Student. If we want to found that how many student have without Registration Number then we Use COUNTBLANK which count The Blank cell in Given Range in Our case Range is C4:C11

  • First Select the Cell Where you want to Count . in My case C14

  • Select Formulas Menu and Click on Insert Function and select the Statistical Function and then COUNTBLANK function Form Category List.

  • Select The range and Criteria ( As we discus above). In my case range is C4 to C11.


  • Click on Ok Button.


Click on Ok Button.

 we also write the function in the Cell where we want to calculate. as given below


where C4:C8 is Our Range.

The Final Result is 3. Means that three student have no Reg No: as shown in image: