Adobe Photoshop Extract Filter Tutorial

Change the Background In Photoshop ( Extract Filter )

In this tutorials we learn how we change the background of the picture using Extract filter. If you have CS4 version or other older version of Photoshop, you can find the Extract filter under the Filter menu. The Extract filter is very useful to cut out or extract a object from the photo and then use it on another photo to change the background of the original photo.

Open the picture and change in to layer for editing .click on extract option form Filter menu.

Now  First off all check the Smart highlighter box right away. Now choose the highlighter tool and draw around the object you want to extract. Try to cover the the edges. Make sure you highlight stroke should roughly lie half on the object you want to extract and half on the background.

Now you picture look like this:


 You can change the brush size and color of highlighter.

In next step choose the fill tool from the extract filter toolbar and click once inside the area you want to keep.

Now click on preview button and you will be shown what the final image will look like once extract finishes its work.

Click OK if the results seem close to what you are looking for, or else you can start over once again.

Remember always duplicate the layer before starting the extract filter. in this way you still have the original image when extract finishes.

You can also use Refine Edges option to improve the selection. For this purpose select the Refine Edges from extract tools move on the edges.

You can also use the Clean Up tools from Extract tools to clean the extra aria which you want to delete also .

When you click on preview then your picture look like this image:

Now in next step click on Ok Button and you got you picture with transparent background.

Now open new back ground image which you want to fill in this picture and drag the background your picture. for this purpose first select move tool and then open new background image and then drag this image to original picture.

Now change the order of the images , click on layer menu and select range and then select Send to backward.

 Congratulate you have successfully change the background of your picture using extract tools.

The final Look o you picture is as: