Creating a Check Box in Access 2007 Form

In This tutorials we learn that how we create check box object in our Access 2007 form. below is the step by step detail:

  • Open the form in design view for this purpose right click on form from navigation section and select design view from drop down list.
  • Now make some space for Check Box Box.
  • Now Click on Design Tab form Office Ribbon then Select the Check Box  icon Form The control group.
  • Draw a box where you wish to place the new checkbox.

  • After finishing the new checkbox appear with field label.

  • Right-click on the new created checkbox.

  • From the drop-down menu select Properties.

  • The checkbox Properties window will appear on right side of the working window.

  • Click on the Data Tab.

  • Click on Little arrow located next to the box labeled Control Source and select the field you wish to link with new check box form the  drop-down menu.

  • The stat of the Check box must set Yes/No.

  • Give the Label for your new checkbox.