Hide Your Files and Folders

How we Hide the Folder or File In Windows

In this Tutorials we learn how we hide files anf folders in windows. For this purpose follow the step given below:
1. Open the Windows Explorer.
2. Select The File or Folder which you want to Hide.
3. Right Click on That Folder or File.
4. Check the Box "Hidden"
5. Click on "Apply" Button.
6. Click on "Ok"

Now Refresh your Explorer You can find that selected filder or file is not shown in its place.
If you want to display again this file or folder then "Open the Folder Option".

For this purpose
You can Click on Search and Type "Folder Option"
In windows 7 Open Expolore and Select the "Orgnize" and then select "Folder Option"
From Windows Control panel click on "File Explorer Option"
When you open the Folder Option then select the "View" from appearing Dilog box.

Now Check the option "Show Hidden files and folders" option.

Click on Apply
Click on "Ok"
Now you can see the Hidden files and folder in your computer.