Hyperlinks In MS Word

Hyperlinks in MS Word 2007

In this tutorials we learn about Hyper Link in MS Word and How we insert The Hyperlink in MS Word 2007. But first we little define the Hyperlink . Basically a hyperlink is Text or Any object which are linked to an other document or an other portion of same document. When reader move the mouse on that piece of text which a linked then normally cursor change in to hand shape. When user Click on that text or object which are linked then its jump over to other document or another portion of the same document.

Now we explain How we Insert The hype link:

  • Open the New document or previous Store document.

  • Select the text or image you would like to make a hyperlink.
    Select the Insert menu tab from office ribbon and then select Hyperlink option from link group.


Now from Left panel of appearing dialog box, Select Existing File or web page (if you are going to link with an other document or an other file) or Select Place in this document.

  1. Now if you select Existing File or webpage then:

Select the file by clicking on Brows Button.


Write the Address of The webpage in Address text Box.
Type the address you would like to link to in the Address: field.

Click OK.

Now Move the mouse on Text which have link . you can see that mouse cursor change to hand shape.

Now click on this link the target file or web page will be open.

  1. If you select Place in this Document then Select Any book mark.( Read The Tutorial Book Mark in MS Word).