Creating Form Through Wizard in MS Access

Creating a New Form through Wizard In Access 2007

This tutorial teach you that How you will create a new form using form wizard in access 2007

Step by Step Process

  • Open You database file in Access 2007.
  • Click on Create Manu Tab form Office Ribbon then Select the More Form icon and click on dropdown list and select drop down list of form types appears. You need to select¬†Form Wizardfrom this list.
  • Select table name and fields in appearing dialog box.
  • Click on field name and click on add > button. you can add all filed by clicking add all >> button
  • in next dialog box select a Layout of form. click on any layout for example Columnar, Tabular. if you are going to deal with single record one time then select columnar else tabular or data sheet which you want and click NEXT button.
  • The next coming dialog box select a style that from the list box. click on any style which you want and click NEXT button.
  • Write The Name of the form and click on finish button. you can also check the¬†Modify Formcheck box for modifying the form for example Inserting Button and other object in the form.