Groups In FaceBook

Creating Groups In FaceBook

In this Tutorials, you'll learn about Group In facebook and how to create your own Facebook Group. ok start with little definition of group. Facebook Groups are the place for group communication. In the group people share their common interests and express their opinion. Groups allow people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity.
Now how you create a new Group.

To Create a New Group log on at facebook with your account.

From the Facebook Home page, locate and select Create Group in the Navigation pane. (This panel is On right side of Home Page)

Group in facebook

The Create Group dialog box will appear. Enter a name for your Group in the Group Name box.

Add Group members by typing the names of the people you wish to include in the Group Members box.

You can only add people who are already your Facebook Friends.

Group in facebook

Choose the privacy settings for your Group, then click Create.

 There are three privacy options:

Open: Anyone can view the Group, its members, and their posts.

Closed: Anyone can view the Group and its members, but only members can see Group posts.

Secret: Only members can see the Group or any of its information. People who are not members won't even be able to see that the Group exists.