Adobe Photoshop Blend Photos Tutorial

How we Blend Photos In Adobe Photo Shop

Blend Photos Together

In this tutorial we're going to learn how to blend photos together like a Hollywood movie poster.

For example we have these two images and we want to blend first with second and final result is as shown blow images.

First Image Second Image Finsl Result

Open first picture which you want to blend. in my case the first image.

Make some portion of the image transparent. For example, the background if you wanted the background of the image to be transparent.

Now open second image and Drag One Image Into The Document Window Of The Other Image.

The first thing we need in order to blend our two images together is for them to both be in the same document.

For this purpose with both of my images open on the screen in their own separate document windows , now grab my Move tool from the Tools palette.

Then with my Move tool selected, ( by pressing left button and drag the second image into first image)

When I release my mouse button, both images appear inside the same document, one on top of the other as shown below.

Remember you first image is couple walking on the beach and blow the second image.

You can see both images now on their own separate layers in the Layers palette:

Press CTRL+T key and Resize Or Reposition The Images As Needed.

When you happy with the new size of my image, press Enter to accept the transformation.

Add A Layer Mask

Once you resized or repositioned your photos in the document the way you like them, we can begin blending them together.

The first thing we need is a layer mask, and we're going to add it to the layer on top ("Layer 1"), which is my case is the layer containing the beach photo.

For this purpose click on that layer in the Layers palette to select it. Then, click on the Add A Layer Mask icon at the bottom of the Layers palette:


We can now see the layer mask thumbnail added to the top layer:

Now click Gradient Tool and Drag Out A Black to White Gradient On The Mask To Blend The Two Images.

Select your Gradient tool from the Tools palette, or press G to quickly access it with the keyboard shortcut:

Then, up in the Options Bar at the top of the screen, click on the down-pointing arrow to the right of the gradient preview area, which will bring up the Gradient Picker.

Click on the black to white gradient .

Now hold down your Shift key and drag out a black to white gradient to blend the two images together.

Remember you're dragging the gradient on the layer mask, not the layer itself.

Now i explain how we add the gradient.

When you select the black and white gradient the click on the top of the beach photo, and drag down (pressing left key) to the point where you want the transition to end.

In my case drag from the top to  straight down to just above the water line.

At this stage release your mouse button, and the two images blend together at the location where you dragged out the gradient.