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Inpage Interface Components

This Tutorials is is very informative and helpful for those people who take interest to Learn inpage application. This tutorials in Urdu Language.
In This Tutorial we learn how To Create new file In Inapge and Page setup and basic operation.

Border and Shading In MS Word

In this video you can learn about Border and shading option in Home Menu of MS Word. All about Border and shading watch in this tutorials.

Multicolor eye Lens in Adobe Photoshop

Tn this video tutorial we learn that How to Change Eye Lens Color in Photoshop. we change the multicolored eye lens. in this tutorials we also learn that how we work in Quick edit masking mode of adobe Photoshop. if you like this video then please must share.

Nested IF Function in Excel

This tutorials guide you that how you can use Nested if In Excel 2007 and excel 2010. Watch this video and share with your friends.

IF Function in MS Excel

The Excel IF function is decision making function. this function checks the values in given cell. match with our given condition and put the result according to our given criteria. watch this video to learn excel If function in Urdu.

Lasso Tool In Adobe Photoshop

Used for selecting areas of an image that may not necessarily be comprised of straight lines. To create a free form selection, simply choose the lasso tool and click and drag on the canvas. The selection will follow your drag. In this video you can Learn more about Lasso tool in adobe photoshop.

Drop Down List in MS Excel

In this video you can learn how we create a Drop Down List in MS Excel and how we Data validation in out Sheet. Watch and Download this video share with your friends and like our page.

Introduction to MSword Interface

in this video tutorials you can learn the different components of MS word Interface. Watch this video and share with your friends.

Interactive Transparency Tool

The Interactive transparency tool makes object transparent. Transparency tool provides the transparency in terms of gradation where the black gives full transparency and the white gives opaque object. Watch This Video Tutorial and Learn More .........

Ms Word Best Short Cuts Command

In this video you can learn some Ms word Best Short cut which help you when you are working in MS word and save your time. Watch this video and share with your friends.

While Loop in C++

In this video you can learn about While Loop in C++ language with the help of very simple and basic examples. This video is very useful for beginner. For more learning contents visit our