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What Is Conditional Formatting in MS Excel

Conditional Formatting allows you to apply formats on cell or Collection of Cells according to given condition depending on the cell values. Watch this video and learn conditional formatting.

Data validation in Excel

Data validation are Restriction which are impose on Cells to Restrict the end user to enter the valid data. Learn this function in this Video

Nested IF Function in Excel

This tutorials guide you that how you can use Nested if In Excel 2007 and excel 2010. Watch this video and share with your friends.

Function In MS Excel

In this video tutorials we learn about the MS Excel Built in Function.This is lesson no 3. if you are new user then please must view the first two lesson to understand this tutorial. if you like this then share with your friends.

Filter In Excel

This tutorial guide you that How we apply the filter in Excel. Watch this video.

Sorting in Excel

Sorting is Very usefull tool in excel. in this video you can learn the process of sorting in excel with detail example. watch this vido