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  • Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs

Posted On: 15.11.2023

job Add

Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs Online application are invited in Punjab Public Service Commission for the following Posts
2. (BS-16) Garage Superintendent
3. (BS-11) Garage Supervisor
4. (BS-17) Programmer
5. (BS-16) Chemical Assistant
1. Pleasereadthe GeneralInstructions regardingApplicationFee,WrittenTest,
2. EmployeesofSemiGovernmentandAutonomousBodiesofFederalGovernmentorProvincialGovernmentandthoseofLocalBodiesarenotentitledtoageconcessionforthe periodoftheirserviceinsuchorganization. 3. Incaseacandidateclaimsthathis/herqualificationisequivalenttotheprescribedqualification,he/shewillberequiredtosubmitequivalencecertificateofhis/herforeign/local qualification,issuedbytheCompetentAuthorityofHEC/PMDC/PMC/PEC&QEDCofconcernedAdministrativeDepartment,whichwillbeacceptedbytheCommissionasFinal,at thetimeofintervieworwheneveraskedbytheCommission.IfacandidatefailstosubmitEquivalenceCertificateissuedbytheCompetentAuthorityatthetimeofinterviewor wheneveraskedbytheCommission,his/hercandidatureshallbecancelled.
4. Incase,acandidateclaimsexperienceofprivatefirm/entity,he/shemustbringproofatthetimeofinterviewthatthefirm/entityisregisteredwithSECP,RegistrarofFirmsorany otherRegulatoryAuthority,failingwhichhis/herapplicationshallberejected.Candidatemustprovideproofofregistrationshowingthattheconcernedprivateentityhadthestatus ofaregisteredbodyduringtheperiodofexperienceclaimedbythecandidate. 5. ThecandidateswillensurethatafterapplyingforaparticularposttheywillimmediatelyapplyforDepartmentalPermissionCertificate/NOCintheirconcernedDepartment(s)and providetheDepartmentalPermissionCertificate/NOCatthetimeofinterview(ifcalled).
6. ThecandidatesjustafterapplyingforaparticularpostadvertisedbyPPSCwillensurethattheyhaveobtained/appliedforregistrationinPEC/PNC/PMDC/PMC/PVMCorother relevantbodyforRegistrationCertificateonorbeforetheClosingDateandprovidethesameatthetimeofinterview(ifcalled). 7. Thecandidateswillensurethattheywillprovidemarksobtained/totalmarksorpercentagecertificateofalldegrees,issuedbytheCompetentAuthority,atthetimeofinterview. CGPAisnotacceptable. 8. Noinformation,whatsoever,sharedbyanyoneotherthanonthePPSC swebsite,isauthentic;therefore,candidatesmustnottrustanysuchinformation. 9. TheShorthandTestandTyping&ProficiencyTest,ifrequired,willONLYbeheldatLahore. 10. Incaseofvariation(increase/decrease)innumberofpost(s)bytheconcerneddepartment,NoFreshApplicationswillbeinvited.
11. ApplicantsareadvisedtodepositfeesonlinebyusingthefollowingmediumsONLYi.e.ATMs,MobilePhoneBanking,InternetBanking,Overthecounter(byvisiting the nearest *1Link Member Banks Branches), Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, U Paisa, and other available micro-finance banks. For details, please visit PPSC website at
Closing Date for Submission of OnlineApplications 30 NOV 2023
LDAPlaza, 7-Edgerton Road,Lahore

Location: Punjab Public Service Commission

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Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs | Job of ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ANATOMY Job of Garage Superintendent | Job of Garage Supervisor | Job of Programmer

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