Sample Paper of Fair Testing Services (FTS)

Solved MCQs of Islamic History

1- Arabia is a largest tract of country in the——- of Asia.
a-South East
b-South West
c-North East
d-None of these

2- is called in Arab tradition “Year of the elephant”
a- 650A.C
b- 560AC
c- 570AC
d- None of these

3-ANSAR means
a- defender
b- helper
c- rular
d- None of these

4-The ninth year of the Hijra is known in Muslim history as the
a- Year of elephant
b- year of deputations
c- year of embassies
d- None of these

5-In 14 Hijri/635 AD laid the foundation of Basra
a-Hazrat Umar
b- Khalid bin Walid
c-Uthban bin Ghazwan
d-None of these

6-Hazrar Usman was assassinated in the month of
d-None of these

7)-Hazrat Khalid bin walid belonged to the tribe of
d-None of these

8) The city of FUSTAT was founded by
a- Amr bin Al-As
b- Hazrat Umar bin Khattab
c- Hazrat Khalid bin Walid
d- None of these

9) KHARAJ is
a-poor tax
b-land tax
c-poll tax
d-None of these


10) was the first caliph, who addicated the caliphate
a-Hazrat Ali
b-Hazrat Hassan
c-Hazrat Hussain
d- None of these

11)  The tomb of Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari is situated at
d-None of these

12) The first capital of Abbasid Caliphate was
a- Al-Hashmiyah
b- Samrah
c- Baghdad
d- None of these

13) Ibne-e-Kahldun was a famous historian of century
d-None of these

14) DIWAN AL HISBAH was instituted by
c-Harun (Not sure)
d-None of these


15)  IDRISI was a famous
d- None of these

16) SIYASAT NAMA was written by
d- None of these (Nizam al-Mulk)

17) Tulunid Dynasty was founded by Ahmad ibn Tulun in
d- None of these (Egypt)

18)  the capture of Baghdad by Halaku Khan took place in the year
d- None of these

19) Constantinople fell into the hands of the Muslims in
b- None of these

20) With the Othman empire reached its zenith of glory and prestige
b-Muhammad II
c-Salim I
d- None of these

21)  When Muslims invade the Spain was the ruler of the country?
d- None of these

22)  was the Gothic capital
a- Cordava
b- Toledo
c- Garnada
d- None of these

23)  During muslim rule was the capital of Spain
a- Cordava
b- Toledo
c- Garnada
d- None of these

24)  was the first Muslim governor of Spain
a- Turaif
b- Tariq bin ziyad
c- Abdul Aziz
d- None of these

25) Abdul Rehman al dakhil died in 173 AH after the reign of years
d-None of these( Almost 32 Years)

26)  Hisham bin Abdur Rehman introduce doctrine in spain
a- Hanafi
d-None of these( Maliki)

27)  The beautiful palace of built by al-Nasir
a-Al zuhra
b-Al hambra
c-Al qurtaba
d-None of these

28)  al Mahdi was the first caliph of the fatimids
a- Ubaidullah
b- Abdullah
c- Muhammad
d- None of these


29)  Battale of ZALAQA was fought between Alfanso VI and
a-Hajib Almansur
b-Yousaf bin Tashfeen
c-Tariq bin Ziyad
d-None of these

30) “Moors in Spain” was written by
a- J.J Saunders
c-Lane pole
d- None of these

31)  Abdur Rehman al nasir assumed the title of Ameer ul Mominin
a-713 AH
b-317 AH
c-300 AH
d-None of these

32) The greatest muslim art in which they have achieved incomparable success is
a- Painting
b- Architeture
c- Calligraphy (interesting one)
d- None of these

33)  Al KAMIL FIT TARIKH was written by
c-Ibn ul Athir
d-None of these

44)  GIBRALTER is named after
a-Musa bin Nusair
b-Al Turaif
c-Uqba bin Nafay
d-None of these ( Tariq)

45)  Garnada Fell in
a-1429 AC
b-1492 AC
c-1592 AC
d- None of these

46) -Ibn e Rushd was a distinguished
d- None of these

47) R DOZY is the author of
a-Islam in History
b-The spirit of Islam
c-IThe Spanish islam
d- None of these (Egypt)

48)  MUWALLEDUN were
a-Spanish neo muslim
b-African slave
c-Arab soldier
d- None of these

49) Iberian Peninsula is a part of
b- None of these

50) THE PREACHING OF ISLAM is written by
a-Ameer Ali
b-Arberry A.J
c-Arnold T.W
d- None of these

51) The Holy Quran was first compiled during the caliphate of Hazrat———:

a)Muhammad (PBUH)
b)Abu Bakar Siddique(R.A)
c) Uthman (R.A)
d)none of these

52) Hazrat Umer was Caliph for—————:
a) 2 years
b) 4 years
c) 10 years
d) none of these

53) The orthodox caliphate lasted for———- :

a) 26 years
b) 29 years 
c) 32 years
d)none of these

54.) Hazrat Ali was martyred in the year———:

a) 650 AD
b) 656 AD
c) 661 AD 
d)none of these

55).The Umayyad Dynasty was put to an end in the year———-:

a)660 AD
b)750 AD 
c)770 AD
d)None of these

56).The Abbasid Dynasty ruled for just over———:

a)five centuries 
b)two centuries
c)three centuries
d)none of these

57).The Islamic calendar(hijra) started in the year———–:

a)622 AD 
b)620 AD
c)621 AD
d)none of these

58).The famous Al-Muwatta was written by:

a)Imam Malik 
b)Imam Abu Hanifa
c)Imam Muslim
d)Imam Hanbal

60).The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) migrated to Madina in————-:

a) 615 AD
b) 622 AD
c) 625 AD
d)none of these

61) The last Umayyad ruler at Damascus was——–:

a)Marwan II 
b)Abdul Aziz
c) Abdul Rahman
d) none of these

62) .The founder of Umayyad Dynasty was———:

b)Abd al Malik
c)Muawiyah I
d) none of these

63) Baybars, the Mamluke Sultan of Egypt, took———-to install him as Abbasid caliph in Cairo on the year 1261 AD:

a) Al-Mustansir
b) Al-Hakim
c) Al-Mustakfi-I
d)None of these

64) The founder of Umayyad Dynasty in Spain was——-:

a)Khalid bin Walid
b)Moosa bin Nysair
c)Abdur Rahman I d)None of these

65) The Ottoman Sultan Salim took——from cairo to Istanbul to installhim as Caliph:

a) Al-Mutawakkil III
b) Al-Qa’im
c) Al-Mustamsik
d)None of these

66) Under which Caliph, Sindh was invaded by Muhammad bin Qasim in 711 AD?

a) Muawiyah
b) Al-Walid Ic) Abdul Malik

d)None of these

67) When did the Ottomans cross into Europe:

a) 1357 AD
b) 1520 AD
c) 1550 AD
d)None of these

68).When was Hungary brought under Ottoman rule?


a) 1521 AD
b) 1526 AD
c) 1530 AD
d)None of these

69) Kamal Attaturk ended the Ottoman Caliphate and deposed Abdul Majid II in—–

a) 1920
b) 1922
c) 1924
d)none of these

70) Which Ottoman Ruler took the Abbasid Caliphate to Istanbul?

a) Sulaiman I
b) Salim I
c) Al-Mustansar
d)None of these

71) The Ottoman Empire lasted for over———-

a) Five Centuries
b) Six Centuries
c) Seven Centuries
d)None of these

72) Spain was invaded in 711 AD by ———:

a) Tariq bin Ziyad 
b) Abd al Rahman I
c) Khalid bin Walid
d)none of these

73) The al-Qairawan in North Africa was founded in 670 AD by—————:
a) Musa bin Nusayr
b) Suleman I
c) Uqbah
d) none of these

74) The conquests of Hujjaj in the East matched the Western conquests by ———- :

a Musa bin Nusayr 
b) Tariq bin Ziyad
c) al-Mutawakkil
d)none of these

75) .Abdul Aziz married Egilona, the widow of king Roderick, and named her ———:

a) Umm-Asim
b) Umm-Kulsum
c) Umm-Hani
d)none of these

76) .The Umayyad Dynasty was put to an end in the year———-:

a)661 AD
b)750 AD 
c)770 AD
d)None of these

77) The Abbasid Dynasty ruled for just over———:

a) two centuries
b) three centuries
c) five centuries 
d)none of these

78) .Baghdad was put on fire in 1258 AD by ———–

a) The Umayyads
b) The Mongols
c) The Ottomans
d)none of these

79) .Musa bin Nusayr was the Governor of———

a) Egypt
b) Spain
c) North Africa 
d) none of these

80) .The fugitive Umayyad prince reached Spain in the year ————-:

a) 755 ADb) 750 AD
c) 760 AD
d)none of these