Nation Aptitude Test (NAT) Time : 2 Hours Questions:100

Instructions: Please read the following instruction carefully before attempting the paper. There are 100 MCQs in the test, each carrying equal marks. Each correct response gets 1 mark. Attempt all the questions. For every question four or five options (A, B, C, D & E) are given, you have to select only one correct option. Use ball point (black/blue) to shade the circle for correct option. Erasing, cutting or overwriting is not allowed. Once an answer has been given on answer sheet, the candidate will not be allowed to change it. Shading two or more circles for a question will get Zero marks for that question.

Part -1

Verbal Section (MCQs: 20)

Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank shows that something has been omitted. Choose correct word or pair of words from the options given below.

1. Your ____________ remarks spoil the effect of your speech; try not to stray from your subject

 (A). Derogatory (B). Digressive (C). Persistent (D). Enigmatic

 2. The dispute became so____________ that we were afraid that the adversaries would come to blow.

(A). Ironic (B). Generalized (C). Articulate (D). Acrimonious 3. Cancer cells are normal cells run riot, growing and multiplying out of ______________

(A). Spite (B). Danger (C). Control (D). Range


4. A _________ glance pays ___________ attention to details.

(A). furtive.meticulous (B). cursory.little (C). cryptic.close (D). keen.scanty

5. Even if you do not ____________ what I have to say, I will appreciate you listening to me with an open mind.

(A). Concur with (B). Anticipate (C). Reject (D). Clarify

 Each of the following analogy question presents a related pair of words linked by a colon. Select the pair of words whose relationship is most like the relationship expressed in original pair.


(A). gulp : sip (B). scorn : admire (C). hunt : stalk (D). participate : observe


(A). water : waves (B). event : memories (C). regret : melancholy (D). wood : splinters

8. SIGN : ZODAIC (A). poster : billboard (B). letter : alphabet (C). prediction : prophecy (D). signal : beacon

Select a word or phrase from the options which is the most nearly opposite in meaning to the given capitalized word.


(A). Simplify (B). Strive (C). Rebel (D). Unite


(A). Dependence (B). Animation (C). Renown (D). Altruism



(A). emphasize (B). broaden (C). split (D). restore 12. HALLOW

(A). keep silence (B). prove incorrect (C). desecrate (D). accuse openly

Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions on the basis of what is stated or implied. It is wonderful to observe how a baby grows. In its infancy, it responds only to pain and hunger. By the second month it can raise its head to look at things around it. It also begins to smile at people. By the time the baby is four months old, it begins to catch at things. By the time the baby is five months old, it can grasp objects and can even feed itself. At about seven months it can crawl. In late infancy its interests increase. It begins to like games, songs and even books.

13. In late infancy the baby takes interest in

(A). playing games (B). reading books (C). different activities (D). singing songs

14. In what manner do you think the baby responds to hunger?

(A). shouting (B). laughing (C). crying (D). shrieking 15. At five months of age, the baby can feed itself with

(A). considerable help from the mother (B). little help from mother (C). frequent help from mother (D). a little help from mother

16. ?By seventh month baby can crawl means

(A). the baby can run (B). the baby can walk on two legs (C). the baby can run on all fours limbs (D). the baby can walk on all four limbs

17. In the passage catch at? means to

(A). Hold (B). Get (C). Try to grasp (D). Jump at Select a word or phrase from the options which is the most nearly similar in meaning to the given capitalized word.



(A). Pride (B). Wrath (C). Humility (D). Inspiration

19. FIDELITY (A). Friendly (B). Intrigue (C). Loyalty (D). Faithlessness


(A). Delightful (B). Charming (C). Belated (D). Hysterical


(A). Delightful (B). Charming (C). Belated (D). Hysterical


Quantitative Reasoning (MCQs: 20}

21.Last year Nasir sold a painting for Rs. 2000. If he made a 25% profit on the sale, how many much had he paid for the painting?

(A)- Rs. 1200 (B). Rs. 1500 (C)., RS. 1600 CD). Rs. 2400

22. If an alarm beeps at a constant rate of 16 beeps per minute: how many minute will it take to beep 83 times?

(A)." 5 (B). 5.5 (C). 6.5 (D). 23.5

23.Driving at 58 miles per hour, how many minutes will it take to drive 32 miles?

(A). 35 (B?. 40 CO- 46 ' CD). 38.3


24. If it is now June, what month will be 100 months from now?

(A). January b)- April (C). June (D). October

25.If 3x = 2 C 5 - 2 x ):thenx=? !

(A). -10/7 (B). 0 (C)., 3/7 CD). 10/7

26.What is the volume of the cube whose surface area is 150?

(A). 25 (B). 100 (C)., 125 CD). 1000

27.A Psychology class has 12 boys and 18 girls. Boys are what fraction of the class?

(A). 2/5 (B). 3.5 (C). 2/3 CD). 3/4

28. What is the value of n if 3>- x 27- =9= x 3'-

(A). 6 (B). 10 (C)- i2 (D). 15 2 9.

The average (arithmetic mean) of 5. 10. 15 and x is 20. "What is

(A). 15 b) 20 c) 30 D) 50

30. What is the largest prime factor of 255?

(A). 5 (B). 15 (C). 17 (D). 51

37. What is the maximum number of points of intersection between a square and circle? (A). Less than 4 (B). 4 (C ) 6 (D).


Q38.In a certain sequence the difference between any two consecutive terms is 5. If the 20th term is 63. what is the 2nd term?

(A). -32 (B). -27 (C). -22 (D). 32

39. If the difference between two numbers is greater than the sum of the number, which of the following must be true?

A. Neither number is negative B. Atleast one of the numbers is negative C. Exactly one of the numbers is negative D. Both numbers are negative


Analytical Reasoning (MCQs: 20)

(Question 41-43) Aslam has to study four books (English. Physics. Chemistry and Biology") on four different days. Thursday to Sunday. The order of days he study these book is as follows.

 i. Chemistry is studied on day before the day of English

 ii. Biology is studied on day after the day of Physics

41. Which of the following is the possible order of books for days

(A). Chemistry. Biology. English. Physics (B). Biology. Chemistry. English. Physics (C). Physics. Chemistry. Biology. English (D). Enqlish. Chernistrv. Biology. Phvsics

42. If Aslam studies Chemistry on Saturday, which subject must he have read on Thursday? (A). English (B). Biology (C). Physics (D). Either English or Physics

43. Each of the following is possible, EXCEPT

(A). Chemistry on Thursday (B). Physics on Sunday (C). Physics on Thursday (D). Biology on Saturday

(Questions 44 - 46) (M, N, O and P are all different individuals) M is the daughter of N. N is the son of O O is the father of P.

44.Which of the following statements is true?

(A). O is the uncle of M. (B). P and N are brothers (C). M is the daughter of P. (D). 

If B is the daughter of N, then M and B are sisters.
45.Which of the following statements is contradictory to the above premises?

(A). P is the father of M. (B). O has three children. (C). M has one brother. (D). M is the granddaughter of O.

 46.If B is the son of N and B has one brother, D, then M is the sister of D. D and N are brothers. O is the grandfather of D.

(A). I only (B). II only (C). I and II only (D). I and III only

(Questions 47 ? 51)

Two or more essences of five substances (L, M, N, O, and P) are used in making perfumes by a manufacturer. He has to combine substances according to the following rules for CORRECT COMBINATION. A perfume containing L, should also contain the substance N, and the quantity of N should be twice as that of L. A perfume containing M, must also have O as one of its components and they should be in equal proportion. A single perfume should never contain N as well as O. O and P should not be used together. A perfume containing the substance P should contain P in such a proportion that the total amount of P present should be greater than the total amount of the other substance or substances used.

47.Which of the following is correct combination for a perfume?

(A). One part L, one part P (B). Two parts M, two parts L (C). Five parts P, five parts M (D). Four parts O, four parts M

48.Which of the following combinations will be come correct by adding amount of substance N? (A). One part L, one part N, five parts P

 (B). Two parts M, two parts N, two parts P

(C). One part M, one part N, one part P

 (D). Two parts M, one part N, four parts P

49.Which of the following should be added to combination of ?two parts N and one part? so that it becomes correct.

(A). One part L (B). Two parts N

(C). One part O (D). Two parts P

50.Which of the following combination cannot be used together in a Correct way to make perfume containing two or more substances?

(A). L and M (B). L and N

(C). L and P (D). M and O

51.Which of the following combination can be made CORRECT by eliminating some or all of substances?

(A). One part L, one part M, one part N, four parts P 

(B). One part L, two parts N, one part O, four parts P 

(C). One part L, one part M, one part O, one part P

(D). Two parts L, two parts N, one part O, two parts P

52.Nasir must be a student, he has a book in his hand?. This conclusion is valid only if it is true that:

(A). Students often have books in their hands. 

(B). All the students have books in their hands.

(C). Students are required to have books in their hands.

(D). Only students have books in their hands.

53.Exactly 7 persons - P, Q, R, S, T, U & V - participate in and finish all of a series of races. There are no ties for any position at the finish of the races. The following statements about the races are always true : V finishes somewhere ahead of P P finishes somewhere ahead of Q Either R finishes first and T finishes last, or S finishes first and U or Q finishes last If in a race S finishes sixth and Q finishes fifth, which of the following can be true? 

(A). V finishes first or fourth (B). R finishes second or third

(C). P finishes second or fifth (D). U finishes third or fourth*

54.?If Hameed is a member of writers? group in college, he is member of library group in college?. This statement can be logically deduced from which of following statements

(A). All the members of library group are member of writers? group

(B). Everyone who is member of writers? group is also member of library group. (C). Hameed is either member of writers? group or library group 

(D). Some member of library group are members of writers? group

(Questions 55 - 60)

Five educational films A, B, C, D, & E are to be shown to a group of students. The films are to be shown in a particular order, which conforms to the following conditions: A must be shown earlier than C. B must be shown earlier than D. E should be the fifth film shown.

55.Which of the following is an acceptable order for showing the educational films ? (A). A, C, B, D, E (B). A, C, D, E, B

(C). B, D, C, A, E (D). B, D, C, A, E

56.In case C is shown earlier than E, which among the following will hold true?

(A). A is the first film shown. (B). B is the second film shown.

(C). C is the third film shown. (D). D is the fifth film shown.

57.In case D is to be shown earlier than A, then for which among the following is there exactly one position from first through fifth in which it can be scheduled to be shown ? (A). A (B). B

(C). C* (D). D

58.Which of the following is a pair of films that CANNOT both be shown earlier than E ? (A). A and B (B). A and D

(C). B and C (D). C and D

59.In case D and E are shown as far apart from each other as possible, which among the following would be true ? (A). A is shown earlier than B. (B). B is shown earlier than C. (C). C is shown earlier than E. (D). E is shown earlier than B.*

60. In case B, D and E are to be shown one after the other in the given order, the two positions from first to fifth in which A could possibly be shown are

(A). first and second. (B). first and fourth. 

(C). second and third.