Preparation Material for PPSC FPSC NTS PTS OTS

Solved MCQs of Pakistan Study for PPSC FPSC NTS PTS OTS

Most Important General Knowledge Questions

  1. “Jatiya Sangsad” is the Parliament f------------- ( Bangladesh)
  2.  Sejm is the Parliament f ---------- (Belarus)
  3.  L ya Jirga is the Parliament f --------- (Afghanistan)
  4.  F lketing is the Parliament f ---------- (Denmark)
  5. Knesset is the Parliament f ---------- (Israel)
  6. Diet is the Parliament f --------- (Japan)
  7. “Duma” is the parliament f --------- (Russia)
  8. St rting is the Parliament f ------(N rway)
  9. C rtes is the Parliament f ------ (Spain)
  10. Rksdag is the Parliament f ------- (Sweden)
  11. Bundesrat is the Parliament f ----- (Germany)
  12. Advis ry C uncil is the Parliament f ----- (Qatar)
  13. Chamber f Deputies is the Parliament f ----- (Luxemb urg)
  14. Pe ple’s Great Hural is the parliament f ----- (Mang lia).
  15. The Internati nal Criminal P lice rganizati n’s kn wn as --------- (Interp l was established in 1923)
  16.  Current Interp l’s headquarter is situated in ----------- (Ly n (France)).
  17. Sc tland Yard is the investigati n p lice f ------- (England)
  18. it was f rmed n ------- (Sept. 29, 1829).
  19. Gestap was the secret p lice rganizati n and BND is the secret agency f Germany.
  20. M ssad and Aman is the secret agencies f Israel.
  21. Khad and NDS are the secret agencies f Afganistan.
  22. RAW and CBI are the secret agencies f India.
  23. KGB is the secret agency f Russia.
  24. BIN is the secret agency f Ind nesia.
  25. VEVAK and SAVAK are the secret agencies f Iran.
  26. ISI,IB,MI and FIA are the secret agencies f Pakistan.
  27. CIA and FBI are the secret agencies f USA.
  28. MI6 , MI5 are the secret agencies f UK.
  29. GSD — Iraq, KDS — Bulgaria, DRM — France,
  30. DND — Canad, G2 — Ireland are the secret agencies
  31. “Hist ry f G d” was written by Karen Armstr ng.
  32. The Peking news was the first newspaper f the w rld (china).
  33. “Queen’s H use” is the fficial residency f Sirilankan President and “Temple tree” is the fficial residency f Srilankan Prime Minister.
  34. “Sharm-ul-Sheikh” is the Egyptian seap rt n Red Sea.
  35. “Asiana” is an airline f S uth K rea.
  36. “Teges” is the currency and Astana is the capital f Kazakhstan.
  37. ‘NIKKEI’ is a st ck exchange index f T ky .
  38. “Wheel” is a symb l f pr gress.
  39. The “St nehenge” is am ng the Seven W nders f the W rld, situated in England.
  40. The maj rity f ‘Kurd P pulati n’ is living in Iraq and Turkey.
  41. “Ramallah” is the headquarters f Palestinian Auth rity situated at West Bank.
  42. ‘Seni r Citizen Day’ is bserved every year thr ugh ut the w rld n The first ct ber.
  43. “Shekle” is the currency f Israel.
  44. “Sub Judice” means under c nsiderati n.
  45. Euclid (300 BC), als kn wn as Euclid f Alexandria, was a Greek mathematician, ften referred t as the “Father f Ge metry”. His Elements is ne f the m st influential w rks in the hist ry f mathematics, serving as the main textb k f r teaching mathematics (especially ge metry) fr m the time f its publicati n until the late 19th r early 20th century.
  46. R bert Baden-P well f unded the B y Sc uts as an rganizati n in 1908, a few m nths after the first sc ut encampment at Br wnsea Island Sc ut camp in 1907.
  47. Brief Hist ry f Time (subtitled “Fr m the Big Bang t Black H les”) is a p pular-science b k written by British physicist Stephen Hawking.
  48. ‘Seatle’ is the seap rt and ‘Delta is the air line f USA.
  49. ‘Aral Sea’ is b unded by Uzbekistan and Kazakhistan.
  50. “Hague” is the headquarters f Internati nal C urt f Justice.
  51. The w rld’s fam us bridge “G lden Gate” is l cated in San Francisc (USA).
  52. “WAFA” is a news agency f Palestine.
  53. “Cathay Pacific” is an airline f H ng K ng.
  54. The General Assembly meets every year in regular sessi ns which begin n third Tuesday in September every year
  55. “Reuters” is the fam us news agency f Britain.
  56. When the st ck market is rising, it is called Bullish and when d wn, it is called Bearish.
  57. “Brist l” is a fam us seap rt f UK.
  58. “Ariana” is an airline f Afghanistan.
  59. “Fr m Plassey t Pakistan” is abi graphy f Fer z Khan N n.
  60. “Five Th usand Years f Pakistan” an ted b k n Pakistan’s cultural heritage is written by R.E.M. Wheeler.
  61. KLM is the ldest nati nal airline f Netherland.
  62. Wh is said t be the father f M dern lympics? Pierre de C ubertin
  63. Wh was the f under f Republican Party f USA? Alexander Hamilt n
  64. “Davis Cup” is ass ciated with Lawn Tenis.
  65. “Skhalin Island” enriched with il reserves are claimed by Russia and Japan.
  66. “ XUS River” is fl wing between Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
  67. “Sine die” means with ut fixing date.
  68. “Dead Sea” is lying between Israel and J rdan.
  69. “Th mas Cup” is given in the game f Badmint n.
  70. R tterdam is the seap rt f Netherland.
  71. “Vict ria Fall” is in Rh desia.
  72. “Das-Man-Palace” is the fficial residence f Amir-e-Kuwait.
  73. “N dynasty lasts m re than three generati ns “ is the the ry f Ibn Khaldun.
  74. Greece is a W rld’s ldest dem cratic c untry.
  75. After Sui, Mari is the sec nd largest gas field in Pakistan.
  76. H ly Pr phet (PBUH) app inted g verner f yeman f r c llecti n zakat? Hazrat Muaz Bin Jabal
  77. Australia is the largest w l pr duceing c untry.
  78. “Baku” is the seap rt n Black Sea.
  79. Karakum desert l cated inTurkmenistan.
  80. Minsk is the capital f? Belarus
  81. Baht is the currency f? Thailand
  82. Fleet Street is fam us f r newspapers.
  83. Sikandry Azam bel ngs t which c untry? Maced nia
  84. Smallest c untry f the w rld is Vatican City.
  85. The l west rainfall area in Pakistan is? N khundi
  86. Interfax is the news agency f? Russia
  87. Heathr w is the seap rt f? L nd n
  88. Largest pr ducer f uranium is? Canada
  89. Which c untry is situated bel w the sea level? Netherlands
  90. Wh was the painter f M na Lisa? Le nard Davinci
  91. Neza e Sultan is an extinct v lcan l cated in Chagai District, Baluchistan, have deep res urces f Sulfur.
  92. Yell w sea is situated between? China and K rea
  93. L ngest land b undary between tw c untries? USA and Canada
  94. When the Simla Acc rd was signed? July 3, 1972
  95. When did Pakistan bec me member f United Nati ns? 30th Sep 1947
  96. Which c untry pp sed Pakistan’s membership in United Nati ns? Afghanistan
  97. Auth r f “Paradise L st & Paradise Regained” was J hn Milt n.
  98. Asgheri aur Akbari kis n vel k d mash’h r kirdar hain? Mira-Tul-Ar s
  99. “Shikwa aur Jawab-e-Shikwa” Iqbal k k nsay kalam main hain? Bang-e-Dara
  100. Waqa-e-Karbala kis hijri main h wa?61 hijri
  101. What is length f Pakistan-India b rder? 1610 km
  102. “Pathway t Pakistan” b k was written by Ch khalique Zaman
  103. When Qaid e Azam met M.K Gandhi 1st time in 1916 Luckn w.
  104. Wh is seceratry f state f r India in cabinet missi n? L rd Pathetic Lawerance
  105. Green peace” headquarter is l cated in Amsterdam.
  106. D ab between river Ravi and Chenab is called Rachna D ab.
  107. Wh supp rted Pakistan res luti n fr m sindh pr vince by Abdullah Har n.
  108. Ch. Rehmat Ali c ined w rd Pakistan in “N w r Never” pamphlet in 1933.
  109. Largest Muslim c untry in Africa by p pulati n is Nigeria and Aligeria is largest Muslim c untry by area.
  110. Sirilanka is the highest literacy rate and highest per capita inc me am ng SAARC c untries.
  111. “Bakhtar” is a news agency f Afghanistan.
  112. “ITAR-TASS” is a news agency f Russia.
  113. Arya Samaaj was f unded in1875 by Dayananda Sarasvati.
  114. “ ld man and the Sea” was written by Heming way.
  115. “Burma” is the ld name f Myanmar.
  116. Muhammadan Educati nal C nference was established in 1886 by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
  117. Pakistan lies f the tr pic z ne f N rth.
  118. Vience is called “city f canals”.
  119. Real name f Tipu Sultan was Fateh Ali.
  120. ‘Lufthansa’ is the name f airline f Germany.
  121. M nac has the sh rtest and Canada has the largest c astline c untry in the w rld.
  122. ‘Land f Maple Leaf’ is the nickname f Canada.
  123. ‘Sick Man f Eur pe’ is called Turkey.
  124. “Yangtze Kiang” is the largest river f Asia (china).
  125. Share f Punjab in Pakistan by area is 25.8%.
  126. Ibne Batuta came in India fr m M rr c .
  127. Liaqar-Nehru Pact n April 8, 1950.
  128. Pedag gy is the study f teaching.
  129. After USA arms exp rter, Russia is the sec nd largest exp rter f arms.
  130. Kahuta Lab rtries established in 1976.
  131. Nuclear p wer plant in Pakistan was established in 1972 with help f Canada.
  132. Durand line was demacrated in 1893 which lies between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  133. Pakistan’s first missile is Hatf-I.
  134. ldest m narchy is in Japan.
  135. The Great Bear lake is situated in Canada.
  136. “Edmund Hillary” is the first man wh successfully climbed Mt. Everest in 1953.
  137. “Ferdinand Magellan” was the first man t sail r und the w rld.
  138. “ rigin f Species” was written by Charles Darwin.
  139. Sir Francis M dy was the first G vern r f Punjab fr m August 1947 t August 1949.
  140. Th mas Jeffers n was the f under f Dem cratic Party f USA.
  141. Alexander the Great was the king f Maced nia.
  142. Britain parliament is called m ther f parliaments.
  143. Seweden was the first c untry wh had issued currency n tes in the w rld.
  144. Kremlin is a f rtress where there are g vernment ffices, palaces and churches is in Russia.
  145. “Hawang H River” is als called yell w river (china).
  146. During the Mughal peri d, P rtuguese traders first came t India.
  147. “Maput ” is the capital and largest city f M zambique.
  148. State f Kashmir was purchased by Ghulab Singh f r Rs.7.5 milli n.
  149. Canada is called “Land f Lilies”.
  150. Niagara Falls is situated inUSA&Canada.
  151. SAARC was f rmed in Dhaka n December 8, 1985.
  152. Afghanistan is separated fr m Central Asia by xus River.
  153. Ghulam Muhammad Barrage is als called K tri Barrage; which is situated n river Indus.
  154. Cheif electi n c mmissi ner ffice term f r 3years.
  155. An ther name f Hatf III missile is Gazdnavi.
  156. IL headquarter is situated at Geneva (Switzerland).
  157. M st Hafiz- e- quran were martyrd in ghazwa Yamamah
  158. The ldest Airp rt f the w rld is l cated in Netherlands.
  159. 1st c nstituti n in the w rld is Misaq e Madina.
  160. Ghzwa furqan is an ther name f Ghzwa Badar.
  161. The writer f awaz d st is Mukhtar Mas d.
  162. Elysee palace is the residence f French President.
  163. Naypyitaw is the current capital city f the Republic f the Uni n f Myanmar.
  164. Chaghi is the biggest district and Kalaat is the largest Divisi n f Pakistan.
  165. The headquarters f Internati nal lympic C mmittee is l cated at Lausanne (Switzerland).
  166. Trygve Lie is the first and the nly Secretary General f UN wh resigned fr m his p st.
  167. Kuwait is a tax free c untry.
  168. Wh is the f under f Wikileaks? Julian Assange (Australian)
  169. Allama Iqbal qualified as PhD sch lar fr m Munich University, Germany.
  170. “Jinnah f Pakistan” and “Zulfi f Pakistan” was written by Stanely W lpert.
  171. Islamabad was made capital in the year 1959.
  172. Radcliffe was a lawyer by pr fessi n.
  173. Day f deliverance was bserved n 22 Dec. 1939.
  174. Baku is the seap rt n Caspian Sea (Caspian sea makes his b undries with Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan).
  175. Urinium res urces f und in Pakistan? D G khan
  176. “Taklamakan desert” f und in xinjaning (China)
  177. Nap le n is kn wn as “Man f Destiny” and “Little C rp ral”. Prince Bismarck is called the Man f “Ir n and Bl d”.
  178. After independence the first radi stati n was established at Karachi.
  179. Abdus Salam was a Pakistani Physicist and N bel Prize Winner in 1979 in physics. What is his c ntributi n t Physics? Interacti n f Elementary Particles and weak f rces
  180. Nightingale Fl rence (bel ngs t France) was a Nurse. (in creamin war)
  181. Paris is the capital f France situated n the bank f Seine.
  182. Babusar Pass c nnects Abb tabad and Gilgit.
  183. Ural M untains separate Asia fr m Eur pe.
  184. Baglihar Dam is l cated in D da district n river Chenab.
  185. The first airline f Pakistan is rient Airline.
  186. D n is river f Russia and Darlinng is river f Australia.
  187. Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New Y rk is the w rld’s largest railway stati n
  188. Transparency Internati nal is based in:Berlin
  189. May 3, each year is internati nally bserved as Press Freed m Day.
  190. The last day f the Quaid-e-Azam was written by:C l. Illahi Bukhsh
  191. ne unit diss lved n 1st July 1970
  192. The largest Agency f FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) by area is: S uth Waziristan
  193. Biman is the Airline f:Bangladesh
  194. In the absence f President, wh bec mes the acting President f Pakistan:Chairman f the Senate
  195. Largest c ntinent f the w rld is “Asia” and smallest is “Australia”. Largest cean f the w rld is “pacific cean” and smallest cean is Arctic cean”. The Sahara is the largest desert f the w rld.
  196. Kazakhstan is the largest Muslim c untry in land area in the w rld. It has an area f 1,049,000 sq.miles. Maldives is the smallest Muslim c untry in land area f 115 sq. miles.
  197. Ind nesia is the m st p pul us Muslim c untry and Maldives is less p pul us Muslim c untry.
  198. The strich f N rth Africa is the biggest bird. Its height is up t 2.7 meters ( 9 feet ) and weight is up t 160 kgs. While the humming bird is smallest bird. It is 5.5-20 cm in length and weight ab ut 16 grams.
  199. The largest museum in the w rld is the American Museum f Natural Hist ry.
  200. Biggest Library is C ngress Library in USA.
  201. C untry with largest c ast line is Canada.
  202. Fer z Shah Tughlaq c nstructed five canals t rem ve scarcity f water.
  203. “Decline f the West” b k was written by German Phil s pher Spengler
  204. “Trip li” is the capital f Libya.
  205. Brazil is the w rld’s largest pr ducer f c ffee.
  206. The Palk Strait separates which tw c untries? India and Sri Lanka.
  207. Althing ( ldest parliament f w rld) is the parliament f Iceland.
  208. After ‘Pushtuns’, the largest ethnic gr up in Afghanistan is Tajiks.
  209. The capital f Argentina is Buen s Aires.
  210. “Rupiyah” is the currency f Sri Lanka.
  211. “ANTARA” is the news agency f Ind nesia.
  212. “Helmand” is the largest pium pr ducer pr vince in Afghanistan.
  213. “SANA” is the name f Syria’s news Agency.
  214. Qantas is an airlines f:Australia
  215. The first Muslim N bel Laureate was Anwar Sadaat f Egypt.
  216. Asian Devel pment Bank (ADB) was established in1966 and it’s headquarter is l cated at Manila in Philippine.
  217. The permanent Secretariat f SAARC is established at Kathmandu in Nepal (1987).
  218. The term f ffice f a judge f the Internati nal C urt f Justice is nine years.
  219. The Strait f Malacca is the main shipping channel between the India cean and The N rth Pacific cean.
  220. “C ng river” cr sses the equat r twice.
  221. Strait f B sp r us c nnects? Black sea and sea f marmara.It separates Italy fr m Sicily? Messina
  222. Strait f Malacca is the largest strait f the w rld and it separates — Malaysia and Ind nesia
  223. Straits separate Malaysia fr m Singap re? J h r Strait
  224. The Kalahari Desert, which stretches ver 1,40,000 miles is in? S uth Africa
  225. The panama canal links? N rth America with s uth America
  226. The w rd “Tsunami” bel ngs t which f the f ll wing languages? Japanese
  227. The highest m untain in the w rld is the M unt Everest in Nepal (Tibet)
  228. The biggest desert in the w rld is the Sahara desert.
  229. The name given t the b rder which separates Pakistan and Afghanistan is Durand line
  230. The river J rdan fl ws ut int the Dead sea
  231. The biggest delta in the w rld is the Ganges Delta
  232. The w rld’s ldest kn wn capital is Damascus
  233. The city which is als kn wn as the City f Canals is Venice
  234. Paris is the capital f France situated n the bank f river Seine
  235. English channel separates England fr m France
  236. Great vict ria desert is present in Australia
  237. Largest sea in the w rld? S uth china sea
  238. ne f the Asian c untry thr ugh which equat r passes is? Malaysia
  239. The deepest p int in the cean is? Mariana trench (deapest cean—pacific cean) near philpine
  240. L ngest m untain range in the w rld? Andes (in s uth America)
  241. Which f the f ll wing t wns is situated at the highest altitude? Lhasa
  242. What are the tw seas linked by suez canal? The mediterranean and red sea
  243. The biggest island f the w rld is Greenland
  244. The city which was nce called the `F rbidden City’ was Lahsa
  245. The “R f f the w rld” is? The pamir plateau .
  246. The c untry called the Land f Rising Sun is Japan
  247. The c untry kn wn as the Sugar B wl f the w rld is Cuba
  248. The l west p int n earth is The c astal area f Dead sea
  249. The c untry which has the greatest p pulati n density is M nac .
  250. The Red Cr ss was f unded by Jean Henri Durant in 1964
  251. “Paradise Regained and Paradise Last” written by J hn Milt n
  252. The primary pr ducer f newsprint in the w rld is Canada
  253. The first expl rer t reach the S uth P le was Cap. R nald Amunds n
  254. W rld literacy day is celebrated n 8th September
  255. The f under f m dern Germany is Bismarck
  256. The c untry kn wn as the land f the midnight sun is N rway
  257. The f under f the Chinese Republic was San Yat Sen
  258. The first Pakistani t receive the N bel Prize was Abdul Salam in 1979 (physics)
  259. The first Secretary General f the UN was Trygve Lie
  260. The highest waterfalls in the w rld is the Salt Angel Falls, Venezuela
  261. The largest library in the w rld is the United States Library f C ngress, Washingt n DC
  262. Nickname f New Y rk city is Big Apple. (New Y rk`s ld name Amesterdam — ldest st ck exchange market)
  263. F RM SA is the ld name f Taiwan.
  264. Italy is als called the B t f Eur pe.
  265. The largest flag is f Brazil; the ldest flag in the W rld is f Denmark ; ldest &l ngest anthem – Japan ; ldest parliament – Althing – Iceland.
  266. The river which carries maximum quantity f water int the sea is the Amaz n River (als called father f water)
  267. The Gurkhas are the riginal inhabitants f Nepal
  268. The largest bell in the w rld is the Tsar K lk l at Kremlin, M sc w.
  269. The biggest stadium in the w rld is the Strah v Stadium, Prague
  270. The w rld’s largest diam nd pr ducing c untry is S uth Africa
  271. Australia was disc vered by Willium Jansz n
  272. Miner – e – Pakistan was designed by Haji Murad Khan (a Russian engineer) and its height is 196 feet)
  273. The cl th required f r c vering The H ly Kabba is 1,000 meters.
  274. The l ngest rivers in the w rld are first Nile – Eygpt, sec nd Amaz n – Brazail (but it is a largest river) and third Mississippi – USA.
  275. Geneva is als kn wn as City f C nventi ns.
  276. The language with m st letters is Khmer(Camb dian) with 74 Alphabets.
  277. Scandinavian C untries are Sweden, Denmark, N rway.
  278. The Blue Whales are n t nly the largest animal but als the l udest animal. They have been rec rded making n ises at 188 decibels.
  279. The largest silver pr ducer c untry is Mexic .
  280. American President is elected f r 4 years and Senat r elected f r 6 Years
  281. The l ngest fr ntier is the fr ntier between Canada and the United States f America (USA).
  282. The first w man prime minister is Mrs. Srima Bandaranaike f Sri Lanka.
  283. The m st abundant mineral in the human b dy is calcium and m st abundant element is xygen
  284. Largest earth filled dam in the w rld is Terbella Dam c nstructed n Indus river in 1976.
  285. There are 64 b xes (h uses) b th in chess and draft.
  286. The distance c vered in marathan race is 26 miles (43 km).
  287. The ldest nati nal anthem is Kimigay f Japan.
  288. Sunderbans (West Bengal) is the largest delta in the w rld.
  289. The Headquarters f the ‘Internati nal M netary Fund’ and W rld Bank is at Washingt n.
  290. The Internati nal C urt f Justice c nsists f 15 Judges (f r the term f ffice 9 year).
  291. Hungary is a Land-l cked c untry in Eur pe.
  292. In the United Nati ns, Pitras Bukhari was the first permanent representative f Pakistan.
  293. Multan is called, the city f “Great Saints”.
  294. Qarn-ul-manazil is Meeqat f r the citizens f Najd and the wh le East pilgrims: the citizens f the Gulf, Iraq, Iran and ther wh pass by it.
  295. Eur pe nly muslim c untry is Albania
  296. Myanmar is new name f burma
  297. Ind nesia is new name f Guyana
  298. Siam is ld name f Thailand
  299. Beijing is new name f peking
  300. Hinduism is w rld’s ldest religi n
  301. G lden temple is the sacred place f Sikhism (Amritsar)
  302. The first “Barani University” t study and reasearch in rain-fed agriculture land was established at Rawalpindi.
  303. Under the c nstituti n f Pakistan, Fedral Shariat C urt shall c nsist f n t m re than Eight Judges.
  304. Under 1973 c nstituti n, ‘Bicameralism’ was intr duced in Pakistan.
  305. Behman and Bismillah Airlines bel ng t Bangladesh.
  306. Awaz-e-d st is written by Mukhtar mas d
  307. Fasana-e-azad is written by rattan nath sarshar
  308. The l ngest canal in the w rld is bel ye-m re Baltic
  309. w rld l ngest r ad is pan-am highway
  310. In the muslim w rld Kuwait has the highest per capita inc me
  311. Highest military award f UK is Vict ria Cr ss and USA is Medal f H n r.
  312. C lumbus disc vered America in 1492
  313. NPT was signed in 1st July 1968 by 62 nati ns
  314. UN General assembly appr ved CTBT in 10 sep 1960
  315. Haya Rashid Al Khalifa the first muslim w men as president UN General Assembly bel ngs t Bahrain
  316. Brazil has the largest area f f rest land
  317. IC ( rganizati n f Islamic c nference) was established May 1969 has 57 members and it’s headquarter is situated in Jedah.
  318. Arab League was established n March 22, 1945 with headquarters in cair
  319. WT established January 01, 1995 (t tal 187 members)
  320. N rth Atlantic treaty rganizati n (NAT ) was established in 1949 ( head ffice in Brussels ) (28 memer c untries)
  321. Nuclear N n-pr liferati n Treaty signed by UK,USA,RUSSIA July 01, 1968
  322. IL was established 1919 and has head ffice in Geneva
  323. IAEA was established 1957 and has head ffice in Vienna
  324. UNESC was established in1946 and has head ffice in Paris
  325. WH was established 1948 and has head ffice in Geneva
  326. IMF was established 1945 and has head ffice in Washingt n( W rld Bank was established in 1944)
  327. Headquarter f UNICEF is in New Y rk
  328. 2001-2010 is the SAARC decade f the rights f the child.
  329. ASEAN was established August 09, 1967 and has head ffice in Jakarta
  330. PEC ( rganizati n f petr leum exp rting c untries) has head ffice in Viana (Austria).
  331. Which fam us act r became the president f the United States? – R nald Reagan
  332. Have y u any idea when the Berlin wall came d wn? – 1989
  333. What was the first James B nd b k —– Casin R yal
  334. What is the currency f Austria —– Schilling
  335. Which sea n Earth has n beaches —– Sargass sea
  336. n which nati nal flag is there an eagle and a snake —– Mexic
  337. “Ikebana” is the art f beautifully arranging cut stems, leaves, and fl wers in vases and ther c ntainers that ev lved in Japan ver seven centuries.
  338. What Wall Street in USA is kn wn f r? St ck Exchange (New Y rk)
  339. What is the height f M unt Everest acc rding t new map survey (it previ us height was 29028 feet (8848 metre)?29035 feet (8850 metre)
  340. Which water b dy is the saltiest water b dy (lake) in the w rld (m stly pe ple c nsidered Dead Sea as the saltiest lake but it is inc rrect)?Assal lake
  341. A place where g vernment rec rds are kept is called Archives
  342. The deepest lake f the w rld is Baikal Lake in Russia.
  343. The largest C ntinent f the w rld is Asia and Smallest Australia
  344. The l ngest wall f the w rld is Great Wall f China
  345. The highest peak f the w rld is M unt Everest (Nepal)
  346. The largest dem cracy f the w rld is India
  347. The W rld largest Islamic c untry by area is Kazakhstan
  348. The highest waterfall f the w rld is Angel Falls (height 3212 feet )
  349. The highest dam f the w rld is Nurak Dam
  350. Abyssinia is the ld name f Ethi pia
  351. Ceyl n is the ld name f Sri Lanka
  352. Nipp n is the ld name f Japan
  353. Jesus Christ was b rn in Bethlehem (Juruslam)
  354. Winst n Churchill was Prime Minister f England during 2nd W rld War
  355. L rd Buddha was b rn in Lumbini (566 B.C , died 486 B.C)
  356. KLM is internati nal airline f Netherland
  357. Lufthansa is internati nal airline f Germany
  358. Sabena is internati nal airline f Belgium
  359. SIA is internati nal airline f Singap re
  360. Transw rld Airline (TWA) is internati nal airline is in USA
  361. Palm and Dum Dum are airp rts f India
  362. Senta Cruz is airp rt f India (Mumbai )
  363. Kennedy is airp rt f New Y rk
  364. Gatwick is airp rt f UK
  365. Halim Pardana Kushmah is airp rt f Ind nesia
  366. Subang is airp rt f Malaysia
  367. The number f players in Baseball fr m each team is 9
  368. The number f players in Basketball fr m each side is 5
  369. The brightest planet and nearest t Earth in the s lar system is Venus
  370. The nearest planet t the sun is Mercury
  371. There are n v lcan es in Australia
  372. The intensity f the energy released by an Earthquake is measured by the Richter scale
  373. Dasht-e-Lut Desert is l cated in Eastern Iran
  374. Which river is menti ned m st ften in Bible? J rdan
  375. Which river is called Yell w River due t large am unt f Yell w silt dep sits? Haung He in china
  376. Largest in Asia and China’s l ngest and w rld’s third l ngest river is? Yangtze
  377. nly strait between Atlantic and Pacific cean is Magellan
  378. Tugela waterfall is in S uth Africa
  379. Sutherland waterfall is in New Zealand
  380. ‘Br adway Street’ is fam us f r Cinema Halls.
  381. ‘Fleet Street’ is fam us f r Newspapers and press agencies ffices, it is situated in L nd n.
  382. Eagle is the nati nal emblem f Spain
  383. Which is the first newspaper f Urdu language? Jam-e-Jahan Numma (1st Pakistani __ Amr z)
  384. When Radcliffe Award was ann unced? 17th August 1947
  385. Abu Musa” Area is disputed between Iran and UAE
  386. Rah-e-Rasat perati n was started by Army f Pakistan in Swat
  387. Rah-e-Nijat perati n was started by Army f Pakistan in S uth Waziristan
  388. 17 Member bench f SC has declared NR null & v id and unc nstituti nal all cases withdrawn under NR re pen with immediate effect n 16th December 2009
  389. What is the full name f Kerry-Lugar Bill? Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act f 2009
  390. Under ‘Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act f 2009’ what will USA pr vide Pakistan? $ 1.5 billi n annually
  391. F r h w l ng Pakistan w uld get the US aid under Kerry-Lugar bill? 5 years
  392. H w much t tal US aid will fl w t Pakistan under Kerry-Lugar bill ver the five years? US$ 7.5 billi n
  393. Gilgit-Baltistan (emp werment and Self-G vernance) rder, 2009 was appr ved n August 29, 2009
  394. N vel H1N1 ( ften referred t as “swine flu”) is a new influenza: Virus (H1N1 virus s metimes called Swine flu).
  395. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1, als kn wn as Bird flu
  396. A spratly island is disputed between China and Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei.
  397. Gibraltar c l ny is disputed between UK and Spain
  398. M nt Blank is disputed between France and Italy.
  399. The Muslims f Chinese pr vince Xinjiang are called Uighurs
  400. Clash f Civilizati n b k is written by Sumeil Hintingt n
  401. “ rigin f Species” was written by Charles Darwin
  402. War and Peace b k is written by Le T lst y
  403. The Sun Als Rises b k is written by Ernest Hemingway
  404. Pride and Prejudice b k is written by Jane Austen
  405. What is the t tal number f NAT members after the membership f Cr atia, Albania and Maced nia? 28
  406. Name the tallest building in the w rld? Khalifa Burj
  407. Wh is the highest wicket taker in test as well as ne day cricket? Muralitharan
  408. Which f the f ll wing female m squit is the cause f Dengue Fever? Aedes Aegypteis
  409. Which f the f ll wing c untry has br ken the 100 year rec rd f S uth Africa as a largest G ld pr ducer c untry in the w rld? China
  410. Which River is kn wn as “father f waters”? Amaz n
  411. Which river is kn wn as “father f rivers”? Indus
  412. Wh is called Father f Internati nal law? Hug Gr tius
  413. Wh am ng the f ll wing is regarded as the “F under f S viet Uni n”? Lenin
  414. Wh is kn wn as the Father f Chemistry? Jabir bin hayan
  415. S ngs f bl d and sw rds b k is written by Fatima Bhutt
  416. The last G vern r General and first vicer y f united India was L rd Cunning.
  417. The last vicer y f united India was L rd M unt Batten
  418. The State Bank was inaugurated by Quaid-e-Azam n 1st July 1948.
  419. Partiti n f Bengal t k place n 16th ct, 1905 (L rd Curzin) and cancelled in 1911(H arding).
  420. All India C ngress was f unded by Allan . Hume in1885.
  421. Badshahi M sque was built by Aurangzeb Alamgir at Lah re in 1674.
  422. Babur was the f under f Mughal Dynasty in1526 and the last Mughal Emper r f India was Bahadur Shah Zafar.
  423. Pakistan’s largest steel mill is at pipri (Karachi) f rmed by the c perati n f Russia.
  424. The first C nferences f NAM was held at Belgrade in 1961 and Pakistan j ined the NAM in in the year 1979 at Havana.
  425. The Secretariat f .I.C is at Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and EC at Tehran (Iran).
  426. Acc rding t 3rd June 1947 plan plebiscite was held in N.W.F.P and Silhyte.
  427. The first c nstituent assembly f Pakistan was diss lved n 24th ct, 1954 and Mir Maulvi Tamizuddin was its speaker.
  428. Nati nal Assembly c nsists f 342 Muslim members and the Senate c nsists f 104 members.
  429. Pakistan became the member f U.N n 30th September 1947 and Afghanistan pp sed it.
  430. “Humdard” and “C marade” was started by M ulana Muhammad Ali
  431. “Zamindar” was br ught ab ut by Zafar Ali Khan
  432. Day f Deliverance was celebrated n 22nd December 1939
  433. “N w r Never” pamphlet was written in 1933 byCh. Rehmat Ali
  434. Where was Albert Einstein b rn? Germany
  435. Wh kn wn as ‘Nightingale f India? Sar jinin Naidu
  436. Which f the f ll wing states f USA is called “m ther f states”? Virginia (It als called m ther f President)
  437. Wh is kn wn as the ‘Father f Ge metry’? Euclid
  438. Wh am ng the f ll wing is kn wn as ‘Fuehrer’? Hitler
  439. Largest delta is in Bengal created by the river Bharamputra and the Ganges.( Sundrbans )
  440. H ttest place is Aziziyah, Libya.
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