NTS Sample Question For 5th class Exam GERNAL SCIENCE

Select the Correct Answer

1- The process in which seed grows into a new lant is called.
(a)Germination (b)Vernalization (c) Imbition (d)Fertilization
2- All are true for eligible germination except:
(a) seed coat softness after absorbing water.
(b) Cotyledons come above the soil.
(c) Cotyledons make first two leaves.
(d) Stem arises before the root during germinatio
3- The young plant present in the seed is called:
(a)Testa (b)Plumule (c) Embryo (d)Radical

Fill in the blanks with the most suitable Words.
1-Seeds are --------- main types. (Two)
2- Any harmful change in the environment is called ----------- (pollution)
3- Cars and buss give off large amount of harmful ------------------ ( gasses)
4- We need clean air for ------------- (breathing).
5- Dead plants and animals are -------------- (biodegradable.)
6- Planting trees is the best way to reduce the -------------- (pollution.)
7- Monocot seed of wheat and maize show ------------- germination. (Hypogeal)
8- We eat different seeds because they have stored ------------ ( food ),
9- During germination the first part arises from this seed is ----------- (radical.)