Sample MCQs of ETEA/NTS Test

Pedagogy MCQS

For SST, PET, PST Solved MCQ

Most Important Solved MCQs from Treasure of Knowledge for Test of City ,PTC,SST Post

1. The word (pedagogy) means------------

a) To guide the child

b) To lead the child

c) To educate the child

d) None of these

2. Pedagogy is the study of---------

a) Books

b) Education

c) Teaching method

d) Learning process

3. "Peda" word derived from Greek mean?

a) Teaching

b) Learning

c) Child

d) Method

4. Which type of learning is predominantly teacher centered?

a) Andragogy

b) Pedagogy

c) both a and b.

d) none of these

5. He is considered as father of research in teaching

a) Edward lee Thorandike

b) Lewis Medison

c) Joseph Mayer Rice

d) None of these

6. Joseph Mayer Rice was a great------------

a) Philosopher

b) Poet

c) Classroom observer

d) Tutor

7. Pedagogy is a joint activity in which the has an active role.

a) Father

b) Learner

c) family.

d) All of these

8. What does andragogy mean?

a) Teaching

b) Teaching of adults

c) Teaching of kids

d) Teaching right from the book

9. An adult in training Needs to know, which means.

a) they are goal-oriented and expect it to be relevant

b) they bring knowledge they want to share

c) they need to be motivated

d) they know their own needs

10. The attitude of successful teachers towards their students is..---------

a) Arrogant

b) Friendly

c) Non-serious

d) Realistic

11. The primary task of the teacher is......

a) to teach the prescribed curriculum

b) to stimulate and guide student learning

c) to promote habits of conformity to adults demands and expectation

d) to provide diagnostic and remedial aid wherever indicated.

12. Most important work of teacher is.........?

a) to organize teaching work

b) to evaluate the students resource of Knowledge

 c) to deliver lecture in class.

d) to take care of children

13. Teachers should present information to the students clearly and in interesting way, and relate this new information to the things students

a) not willing to know

b) already know

c) willing to know

d) don't know

14. Which of the following is the most important factor underlying the success of beginning teacher?

a) his personality and ability to relate to the class .

b) his attitude and outlook on life

c) his verbal facility and organizational ability

d) his scholarship and intellectual ability

15. Which of the following is most likely to be characterized the ineffective teacher?

a) Emphasis upon standards

b) Emphasis upon pupil discussion in the clarification of group goals

c) Emphasis upon the control of the immediate situation

d) refusal to help children until they have helped themselves

16. Encourages learners to become more selfdirected.

a) Andragogy

b) Heutagogy

c) Peeragogy

d) Cybergogy

17. --------------is self-determined learning

a) Pedagogy

b) Andragogy

c) Heutagogy

d) All of these

18. Learners are "problem finders" and become interdependent on those who can help them determine the route.

a) Pedagogy

b) Heutagogy

c) Andragogy

d) All of these

19. Role of a teacher is coach - brings together opportunity and fosters culture of collaboration and curiosity.

a) Peeragogy

b) Heutagogy

c) Andragogy

d) all of these

20. Learners are enquiry driven - take long term view of their learning, seeking further complexity and uncertainty.

a) Heutagogy

b) Peeragogy

c) Andragogy

d) all of these

21. How much knowledge is gained through sense of seeing?

a) 75%

b) 60°

c ) 85

d) 90°

22. How much knowledge is gained through sense of listening?

a) 20°

b) 10°

c ) 13%

d) 25 %

23. How much knowledge is gained through sense of touch?

a) 9%

b) 6%

c) 4%

d) 12%

 24. How much knowledge is gained through sense of smell?

a) 3%

b) 7°

C) 5%

d) 9%

 25. How much knowledge is gained through sense of taste?

a) 6%

b) 1%

 c ) 2%


26. Progressivism believes that education comes from the experience of the----------

a) Teacher

b) Child

c) Parents

d) Community

27.  What should be the role of teacher in meeting the individual differences?

a) To know the ability and interest of individual

b) Adjust the curriculum as per need

c) Both a & b

d ) None

28. Teachers should present information to the students clearly and in interesting way, and relate this new information to the things students--------

a) Don't know

b) already know

c) Willing to know

d) not willing to know

29. According to John Dewey, school is a--------- institution, and education is a----------process.

a) Nothing, Power

b) Social, Social

c) Growth, Development

30.  The Waldorf education approach emphasizes a balanced development of-------

a) Head and Heart.

b) Hand and Hear

c) Head, Heart, and hand

31. Pedagogy is an approach to teaching that refers to the theory and practice of-----------

a) Playing

b) Reading

c) Learning

 32. A good teacher is one who---------------

a) Have lots of degrees.

b) Reads a lot

c) Cooperates with staff

d) Teaches well

33. Teaching will be effective if the teacher is--------------

a) Master of the subject

b) Has much experience in teaching

c) Starts from what students already know

d) Use many instructional aids

34. Which is the least important in teaching?

a) Maintaining discipline in the class

b) Punishing the students

c) Lecturing in impressive way

d) Drawing sketches and diagram

35. Teacher reads aloud to the class to improve students.........

a) Feeling about reading

b) Pronunciation

c) Comprehension

d) All of these

36. The primary duty of a teacher is to be responsible to his/her------------

a) Students

b) Nation

c) Society

d) Family

 37.  Primary teachers should give top priority to-----------

a) Understanding the community

b) Understanding the school staff

c) Interaction with the parents

d) Understanding the child

 38. The best technique of teaching at primary stage is----------

a) The traditional black-board and chalk technique

b) Teach with punishment

c) Practical training

d) Game techniques


39. The psychological environment of the class is mainly the duty of------------

a) Student himself

b) Only class teacher

c) Community and class teacher

d) Administration of high level

40. On which basis the ability of teachers can be judged?

a) To fulfill the need of the student

b) Personality of teacher

c) Degrees of the teacher

d) none of these

41.  Which of the following strategies is most suitable for introducing a lesson?

a) Demonstration

b) Questioning

c) Lecture

d) None of these

 42. Basic education mean: ..............?

a) System of education

b) Poor learning

c) Basic of any learning

d) none of these