Sample Paper of Fair Testing Services (FTS)

Solved MCQs Paper of Journalism (Mass Communication) 

1) A large size head1ine across the entire page is called:

(a) Deck
(b) Banner
(c) Lead

(2) A sheet containing facts and detailed information on any issue is known as:

(a) Summary
(b) Write up
(c) Backgrounder

(3) The key Narrator of a newscast or program is called:

(a) Announcer
(b) Editor
(c) Anchor

(4) Mohammedan Social Reformer was the English Name of:

(a) Muhazzab
(b) Makhzari
(c) Tahzeeb ul Akhlaq

(5) Daily Dawn Started in:

(a) 1940
(b) 1942
(c) 1944

(6) Zamindar was launched by:-

(a) Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
(b) Maulvi Serajuddin
(c) Munshi Mahboob Alam.

(7) The first Editor of Dawn was:

(a) Desmond Young
(b) Altaf Hussain
(c)Pothan Joseph

(8) The number of radio stations, which Pakistan got in 1947 were:

(a) 5
(b) 2
(c) 3 (1- Lahore 2- Peshawar 3- Dahaka)

(9). Daily Jung first appeared from:

(a) Calcutta
(b) Karachi
(c) Delhi

(10) Hamid Nizami was the founder editor of:

(a) Inqilab
(b) Nawa-e-waqt
(c) Mashriq

(11) CPNE is the representative body of:

(a) Editors
(b) Newspaper owners
(c)Woking journalists

(12) Television made its advent in Pakistan in:

(a) 1958
(b) 1964
(c) 1970

(13) Leader is the name of:

(a) Leading story on the front page.
(b) Main Feature
(c) Opening Editorial

(14) Continuation of a story on another page is called:

(a) Carried
(b) Jump
(c) Bouncer

(15) S.M.C.R. is a well known:

(a) Communication Theory
(b) Communication Strategy
(c) Communication Model

(16) A story appearing with the name of the writer is called:

(a) Credit line
(b) By line
(c) Print line

(17) The largest mass medium in Pakistan is:

(a) The Press
(b) Radio
(c) Television

(18) Dr. Goebbles is known as father of:

(a) Advertising
(b) Public Relation
(c) Propaganda

(19) Radio Pakistan was converted to Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation in:

(a) 1964
(b) 1972

(c) 1976

(20) A.P.P. is the abbreviation of:

(a) Allied papers of Pakistan
(b) Association of Publications
(c) Associated Press of Pakistan.
21) What is meant by editorial note:

a)Small editorial
b) Editor’s notes
c)Additional editorial
d) None of these

22) The news which appears in the papers two or three days before an important event is called:

a) Curtain Raiser
b) Background
c) Follow up
d) None of these

23) Who is the most important person in the T.V. NEWS:

a) NEWS caster
b) Camera-man
d) None of these

24) Hasrat Mohani published the newspaper:

a) The Comrade
b) Al-Hilal
c) Urdu-I-Muallah
d) None of these

25) The Nawa-e-Waqt started its publication in:

a) 1940
b) 1945
c) 1947
d) None of these

26) Irshad Ahmed Haqani writes his column under in:

a) Harf-e-Haq
b) Harf-e-Akhir
c) Harf-e-Tamannah
d) None of these

27) Who was the first editor of the daily Jang?

a) Mir Javed-ur-Rehman
b) Mir Shakeel-I-Rehman
c) Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman
d) None of these

28) Which of the private Pakistani T.V. Channel has the greatest number of viewers?

a) P.T.V.
b) S.T.N.
c) GEO
d) None of these

29) Which official is called the pilot of the newspaper:

a) The editor
b) The news editor
c) The reporter
d) None of these

30) Communication is a

a) Theory
b) Strategy
c) Process
d) None of these

31) The head office of “The Khabrain” is in:

a) Karachi
b) Islamabad
c) Lahore
d) None of these

32) APNS represents

a) Editors
b) Reporters
c) News paper owners
d) None of these

33) P.T.V. started its transmission in the regime of:

a) Ayub Khan
b) Yahya Khan
c) Butto
d) None of these

34) Which is the largest circulated newspaper of Pakistan?

a) The dawn
b) The Jang
c) The Nawa-e-Waqt
d) None of these

35) The Nation is the sister publication of:

a) The dawn
b) The Jang
c) The Nawa-e-Waqt
d) None of these

36) AFP is the news agency of

a) England
b) America
c) France
d) Noneof these

37) Who was the founder of the Dawn?

a) Haroon brothers
b) Quaid-e-Azam
c) Altaf Hussain
d) None of these

38) Wax-Wyllie wrote

a) Exploring Journalism
b) Mass Communication
c) Radio and T.V. Writing
d) None of these

39) Who was the founder of yellow journalism:

a) William Hurst
b) William John
c) William Hickey
d) None of these

40) The Urdu edition of the Comrade was called:

a) Humdard
b) Jam-e-Jahan-Numa
c) Akhbar-e-Jahan
d) None of these