Sample Paper of Fair Testing Services (FTS)

Solved MCQs of General Knowledge

How Many Districts in Sindh?


02 Who is the CM of Punjab ?

 Sardar Usman Buzdar

03 Who is the Richest Business Man in Pakistan?

Mian Mohammad Manshah

04 Which is the World’s largest University by enrollment ?

Indira Gandhi National Open University

05 World’s Largest Air Port in Which Country ?
Saudi Arabia

06 The Most Populous City in the World is ?

Shanghai China

07 What is the Name of World Biggest Hotel?


First World Hotel

08 Who was the First to Propose “Azan” for Prayer.
Hazrat Umar (RA)

09 Which is Smallest Country by Area in the World ?
Vatican City

10 On Which Place Pakistan detonated Nuclear Test?

Chagai Balochistan

11 Who is the Current Punjab Minister Environment Protection?

Zakia Shahnawaz Khan .

12 Who is the Current Governor of Punjab Province?

Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana

13 Who is the Current CM of Balochistan Province ?

Sanaullah Zehri

14 Who is the Current Speaker of KPK Assembly ?


Asad Qiasar

15 What is the Name of Pakistan’s National Flower ?


16 Name of Pakistan’s National Game ?


17 What is the Name of Governor of Gilgit Baltistan ?

Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan

18 Current IG of Federal Police Islamabad?
Tariq Masood Yasin

19 Current DG of ISI 2016 is ?
Rizwan Akhtar

20 Which team won the 2011 Cricket World Cup?

21 Who designed the National Flag of Pakistan?
Amiruddin Kidwai

22 Who is the current Governor of Balochistan?
Muhammad Khan Achakzai

23 Who is the current Governor of Sindh?
Saeed-u-zaman Saduqiui

24 Who is the current Chief of the Naval Staff of Pakistan?
Admiral Mohammad Zakaullah

25 What does ‘Eid-ul-Adha’ mean?

Festival of Sacrifice

26 How many individuals have held the position of Field Marshal in Army of Pakistan?
Only One (Muhammad Ayub Khan)

27 Pakistan National Assembly consists of how many total seats?

28 Which is the highest Civil Award of Pakistan?

29 Which is the National Flower of Pakistan?

30 Who prepared the design of Minar-e-Pakistan?
Nasreddin Murat-Khan

31 Who prepared the design of Faisal Mosque?
Vedat Dalokay

32 Which is the largest dessert of Pakistan?

33 Which is the National Fruit of Pakistan?

34 Who invented the Diesel Engine?
Rudolf Diesel

35 Who was the first Governor-General of Pakistan?
Muhammad Ali Jinnah

36 Thal Desert is located in which province of Pakistan?

37 Who prepared the design of Mazar-e-Quaid?
Yahya Merchant

38 Who is called “Father of Internet”?
Vint Cerf

39 Which is the smallest province of Pakistan by Area?
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

40 Who wrote the first revelation?


Khalid Ibn Said RA

41 What is the number of days in Islamic Calendar?

42 Which one is not metal?

43 How many district of Punjab?

44 Current chief of army star is?

Qamar Javed Bajwa
45-Which is the Biggest Land lock country ?


37- what plants exhale at night
38- velocity of sound m/s
39- which vitamins not stored in human body?
40- lake of vitamin c create which disease
skin desease
41-which vitamin help blood clotting?
42- founder of muslim rule in india?
qutubuddin abek
43- razia sultana belong to?
slave dynasty
44- second battle of panipat fought b/w
(akbar vs himu bakal)
45- attock fort was constructed by
46- mancher lake situated in ?
47- pakistan number among world population?
48- share of punjab among area of pakistan
49- length of khyber pass
50- urinium resources found in pakistan?
D G khan
51- mostly part of gobi desert found in ?
52- taklamakan desert found in
xinjaning china
53- longest river of the world is ?
54- largest sea of the world ?
south china sea
55-largest coastal boundry country?
56- brazil situated in ?
south america
57-which country is peninsula?
saudi arabia
58- pakistan situates on which line?
1- equator 2- cancer 3- inecapricorn 4- none

59- macmohan line is situated b/w ?
india and china
60- who is david patrias?
american general in afghanistan
61) 1 meter is equal to ?
3.28 foot
62) caspian sea makes his boundries with
Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan.
63) largest agency among area in pakistan?
south wazirastan
64)- old name of iraq?
65)-blood is red due to ?
66)-marian trence situated near?
67)- headquarter of ghandhara civilization is?
68)- head quarter of saarc is situated at?
69)- maximum wool produceing country is?
70)- official religion of japan is ?
71)- which element use for producing nuclear fuel?