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Notes of Science Chapter 1 to 4

These notes are design for Class 8th student who are learning in English medium schools or Urdu Medium Both. These notes are prepared from Class Book of Science .In these Notes you can find All the Answer qustion, Explanation with reference to the context, Short Answer and All Exercise are solved. Read and download these notes and share with your friends.

Notes of Urdu for FA Ch-5 to Ch-7

These notes are design for FA level student for the subject of Urdu. These notes consist on solved Exercise. You can read and download these notes. if You like these notes share with your fiends.

Notes of MS Access

These Notes related with MS Access. These Notes consist on Micro Soft Access Over View. Detail definitions of Database and Its Terminologies, Use of Database, Components of Database, Electronic Database. Creating and manipulating the database in MS Access. These Notes provide help for all level of students especially for Beginner.

Notes of Power Point

These Notes are Specially Written for DIT Student . With the help of these notes you can work in Power Point and also Get good position in DIT Exam.

Notes of Vb.Net ( Part 4 )

This section consists on Vb.Net programming. In these notes we discussed the Sub procedures and procedures with the help of example. You can read and download these notes and share with your friends.

Notes of physics For 10th Class Chapter No 1,2,3,4

Smaller is the magnitude of least count of a measuring instrument, more precise the measuring ??instrument is.
??A measuring instrument can not measure any thing whose dimensions are less than the magnitude of ??least count.
??Least Count of Vernier Callipers = 0.01 cm
??Least Count of Micrometer Screw gauge = 0.001 cm

Principles of Commerce 1st Year Notes

Notes of Principles of Commerce 1st Year Karachi Board Student. These Notes are Design according to Karachi Board. You can easily Download these notes . if you like these notes then please share with your friends.

FSc Part 2nd Physics Solved Exercises Chapter 3

In This Document you will find the Solved Exercises of Physics for Part 2nd FSc. Read and Download This Document . Must Share if You Like This Document.