H1 to H6 HTML Elements

The Heading Tags Are Used To Define The Headings Of Your HTML Document. There Are Six Level Of Heading Elements Available In HTML For H1 To H6 And Each One Of Them Have A Specific Description For Browser And Search Engine Both. Read More In This Tutorial.

Converting an Image to Black and White In Adobe Photoshop

In This tutorials we discus that how we convert an color photograph in black and white photograph. You can convert full image and also some parts of image. The following procedure is used for this purpose:
Open an image and select that specific part of image which you want to convert in to black and white. if you are going to convert whole image then don't select.
In my this tutorial i am going to convert the whole picture of girl leaving jewelry of the girl in following image.

4 Primary Tags In HTML

When You Want To To Build Any Web Page You Will Need Four Primary Tags: Html Head, Title And Body. These Are All Container Tags The ( A Container Tag Is The One Which Has To Be Closed ) And Must Appear As Pairs With A Beginning And An Ending. Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

Creating Menus With HTML list

In this tutorial you can learn that how you create menu for your website. One of the easiest ways for creating menu is unordered list. you can use the un orders list with little Styling with CSS for your menu in HTML. Now Lest start Writing Steps. First of all create a simple list. Read this tutorial...

HTML DECIMAL Color Code and HEX Color Code

In This Tutorial You Can Learn About RGB Color Code And HEX Color Code. HEX Color Code Use Hexadecimal Numbers. Hexadecimal Numbers Are Numbers Based On The Value Of 16. Means That It Contain 16 Number 0 To 9 And Then A,B,C,D,E,F For 10,11,12,13,14,15 Respectively. Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

GROUP BY Clause in SQL

In This Tutorial We Will Learn GROUP BY Clause In SQL . GROUP BY Clause In Sql Is Used For Arrange The Same Type Of Data In To Groups. GROUP BY Clause Is Used In SELECT Statement With Aggregate Functions . Read More About GROUP BY Clause In This Tutorial.

Filtering Data With JQuery

This tutorials guide you to build an a filtering system with the help of JQuery. First we explain this system .First we Create div in which we make some link of Major Subject. Read more in this tutorial.

AVG Function in SQL

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About AVG Functionin SQL . AVG Function In SQL Is Use To Calculate The Average Of Numeric Values. The General Syntax Of AVG Function Is: Read More About AVG Function In This Tutorial.

How we Inser Clip Art in MS Word

This tutorials will guide you that how you can insert the clipart in your document. The following process is detail description of inserting clipart. Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

Eraser Tool In Adobe Photo Shop

The simple eraser tool is used for erasing the contents of any image. for this purpose we select the erase tool form tool box and drag the mouse holding left button. the every thing in range of the eraser tool will be deleted . where magic eraser tool erases all colors within a set tolerance. This is essentially the same as using the magic wand and hitting Delete. Using this tool you don't need to drag just click once on color range which you want to delete. Hare we are going to show the some more function of eraser tool.