Privacy settings for my photo albums

This simple tutorial guide you that how you manage your privacy settings for photo albums:
Go to your Profile (Timeline) and click on the Photos section.
Click the Albums on The Top of Photo Section.

HTML Image Tag

In This Tutorial You Learn How You Can Add An Image In Your Webpage. The Image Is A Separate File And We Make This File As Part Of Our Webpage So User Can View This Image In Web Browser. For Inserting An Image In A Webpage Is Possible With Image Element. Below We Discus Image Tag and Its Different Attribute.

Consolidation In MS Excel

Microsoft Excel data consolidation feature allows multiple tables to be consolidated ( Combine ) into a single summary report. The Excel consolidation ?is very easy and useful tools for printing and viewing the single report of more then one data sheet.

Enabled or Disable the Language Bar

How We enabled or disabled the language bar in windows 7 ,8

In this tutorial we learn how enable or disable language bar in task bar. Remember on thing language bar show in task bar when more then one input language are installed on in you windows.

PMT() Financial Functions

In this tutorials we are discuses the one of the most important function of MS excel financial function. This function called and use with name of PMT( ) function. This function is used for calculation like that monthly payment amounts on a loan Read More about this function.......

Str_shuffle( ) function

In This Tutorial We Learn About Str_Shuffle( ) In PHP. The PHP Str_Shuffle( ) Function Change The Position Of Each Character In The String. You Can Also Say Shuffle The Character In The String. Read More------

Convert Excel Data in to a Table

In This Tutorial you can learn how we create excel Table and what are the benefit of Excel Table. Why we create Table in Excel. These tables have useful features, like sorting and filtering, to help organize and view data.Read more.......

Use of Wildcards in SQL

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About wildcards and Use of wildcards in SQL. In SQl wildcards are used with LIKE operator which are substitute for any other character or characters . In SQL we can use two wildcards with LIKE operator which are percentage symbol ( %, ) and underscore symbol ( _ ). . Read More About wildcards In This Tutorial.

Unsharp Mask Filter in Adobe Photoshop

The unsharp Mask Filter in Adobe Photoshop is used for sharpening your images. when we take photo or scan image then some time our image require some adjustment like that some type of sharping. Then we use Unsharp Mask in Photoshop.


In This Tutorial We Learn User Define Function In PHP. In Computer Programming Some Time A Specific Piece Of Work Done More Then One Time At Different Places When You Need. For This Purpose We Use Function. A Function Is Block Of Statements Which Are Written As Separate From The Other Code And Execute When We Need It By Calling This Function. You Can Use These Function Over And Over When You Need It. Read More------