Edit your Profile on Facebook

This tutorial guide you step by step process of Editing your profile information.
Logon to facebook with your account. Click on home Tab fro top.
Click Edit Profile option from left panel near your profile picture. (As Shown Below Image)

While Loop in C Language

In this Tutorial you can learn about While loop in C/C++. This tutorial explain that how we use while loop and how its work. This Tutorial is very helpful for beginner student. Read More..........................

Change the Background Using Extract Filter

In this tutorials we learn how we change the background of the picture using Extract filter. If you have CS4 version or other older version of Photoshop, you can find the Extract filter under the Filter menu. The Extract filter is very useful to cut out or extract a object from the photo and then use it on another photo to change the background of the original photo.Read more.......

The Count function

In This Tutorial We Learn About Count Function In PHP. The Count Function Count The Total Number Of Element In Array Or In Object. You Can Use Count Function In FOR LOOP When You Want Access The Element Of Array. For Example If We Have Array:Read More------

LIKE Operator in SQL

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About LIKE Operator In SQL . LIKE operator is pattern matching In SQL. LIKE means Not Exactly just match some pattern for example when we use IN or BETWEEN or in Equal To (=) relational operator, then the Complete value compare if its match the whole value which is given in Condition then Its return other wise not. Read More About LIKE Operator In This Tutorial.

Hyperlinks in MS Word 2007

In this tutorials we learn about Hyper Link in MS Word and How we insert The Hyperlink in MS Word 2007. But first we little define the Hyperlink . Basically a hyperlink is Text or Any object which are linked to an other document or an other portion of same document. Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.


In This Tutorial We Learn User Define Function In PHP. In Computer Programming Some Time A Specific Piece Of Work Done More Then One Time At Different Places When You Need. For This Purpose We Use Function. A Function Is Block Of Statements Which Are Written As Separate From The Other Code And Execute When We Need It By Calling This Function. You Can Use These Function Over And Over When You Need It. Read More------

Changing The Color Of Eyes In Adobe Photoshop

In photo shop there is many way to change the color of eye lens. hare we discus the vary simple way in which you can change the color taking few easy step
Open the image in Photoshop that you want to change the eye color on. Read More....

Background Eraser

In eraser section of adobe Photoshop we have three tools, Eraser , background eraser and magic eraser. All these three are use to erase any object. In This Tutorials we learn the use of background eraser. Background eraser only erase some specific color from the whole object. The most important thing to remember with this tool is to be very careful to keep the crosshairs away from the object you want to keep. When using this tool you may notice some bits of the foreground object becoming slightly transparent along the edges.Read more...........

Pointer In IN C /C++

In C/C++ Pointers Is A Variable That Stores The Address Of Another Variable. In A Large System, Where Multiple Components Are Layered One On Top Of The Other/Are Interacting Very Closely, It Is Possible To Have Situations Where All The Layers Require Access To A Lot Of Shared Data. Read More.........