Amazing Windows Short Cut Keys

In this Tutorial we learn about some very important short cut key which help us to control the computer with keyboard.

Encrypt the Folder or File

In this Tutorials we learn how we encrypting the folder in windows.
When you encrypt any file or folder then that file or folder only will be open on your computer.

IN Operator in SQL

IN Operator In SQL Return The Entire Record Exact Match With Given Values. For Example If We Want To Match More Then One Value In Our Condition For Example From Table Below If We Want To Select Those Record Who's City Is Karachi Or Lahore. Read More About IN Operator In This Tutorial.

PHP Booleans

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About Boolean Operator In PHP. True And False These Tow Or Some Special Meaning And Called Boolean Values. True Is Usually Given A Value Of 1 And False Is Given A Value Of Zero. You Can Initialize The Values As :

Saving The Word document as a Template in Office 2007

In This Tutorials We Describe That How We Save The MS Word File As Template. Click On Office Button And Select New And The Select My Templates. In Appearing Dialog Box Select Blank Document . Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

Removing People or Objects In Adobe Photo Shop

Select the Zoom tool.
With the Zoom tool selected, click and drag so that a marquee surrounds the object you want to remove. Photoshop zooms in on that image.
Select the Pen tool.
Select Paths on the toolbar.

Trim Function In PHP

In This Tutorial We Learn About Trim Function In PHP. In PHP When You Want To Remove The Blank Spaces Which Are Also Called White Spaces Then You Then You Can Use Ltrim ( ) And Rtrim ( ) Function In. Below We Take Some Example To Explain These Two Function. Read More------

Facebook Profile

On the face book Your friends have make an impact on your Face book profile. people see which type of your friend are? So be carefully decide your criteria for adding Friends on Face book. These are the people who will post something on your profile, or tag you in a picture.

How To Create A Table in Access 2007

In This Tutorial We Learn How We Create A New Table In MS Access. There Are Three Different Method For Creation Of A Table In Access. In Design View ,Creating A Table In Datasheet View And Creating A Table Through Table Templates Read More.........

Hide your Facebook Friends List

n this tutorial we describe the process of hiding the friend list form other friend on face book.
Open your profile page and locate the Friends box in the left column.
Click on small icon of a pencil in the upper right-hand corner of the friends box.