Creating Cover Page for Microsoft Word

This tutorial help you for making a Cover Image templates for your MS Word Document. Open New Ms Word Document for this purpose Click on Office button and Select New and Then Select Blank Document. Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

Image Sharpening In Adobe Photoshop

There Are Many Ways To Make Image Sharpen In Adobe Photoshop. In This Tutorial We Discuses Sharpening Image With Sharpen Filter And Quick Sharpening With High Pass Filter. Read More.........

Macros In Excel

This tutorial show you that how we create macros and how we use these macros when we need. Below we describe a complete process:
In macro basically we define a series of action and when we Run the macro then Excel perform these action one by one.
First Step is:
Record a new Macro
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COUNTIF Function In MS Excel

The COUNTIF function, one of Excel's COUNT functions, is used to count up the number of cells in a selected range that meet specified criteria. Where criteria is anylogical expression.

Sacnf Function In C Language

In This Tutorials you can learn about scanf function in c language ans also see the how scanf work. This lesson is very useful for basic Lerner. Read more...................

H1 to H6 HTML Elements

The Heading Tags Are Used To Define The Headings Of Your HTML Document. There Are Six Level Of Heading Elements Available In HTML For H1 To H6 And Each One Of Them Have A Specific Description For Browser And Search Engine Both. Read More In This Tutorial.

Hide your Facebook Friends List

n this tutorial we describe the process of hiding the friend list form other friend on face book.
Open your profile page and locate the Friends box in the left column.
Click on small icon of a pencil in the upper right-hand corner of the friends box.

PHP Booleans

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About Boolean Operator In PHP. True And False These Tow Or Some Special Meaning And Called Boolean Values. True Is Usually Given A Value Of 1 And False Is Given A Value Of Zero. You Can Initialize The Values As :

Create Patterns In Adobe Photoshp

in Adobe Photoshop when we use Paint Bucket, Pattern Stamp, Healing Brush, and Patch tools then there is an option to use pattern. Now question is that what is pattern.
Answer is a pattern is an piece of image that is repeated, or tiled, when used to fill a layer or selection. In Photoshop there is a collection of preset patterns, which are displayed in pop-up palettes in the options bar and we fill our layer with these patterns.Read more....

Filtering Data With JQuery

This tutorials guide you to build an a filtering system with the help of JQuery. First we explain this system .First we Create div in which we make some link of Major Subject. Read more in this tutorial.