Delete All Facebook friends at once

This Tutorial Guide you how you can delete all Facebook finds with one click. If you Like this Post please share with your friends.

Macros In Excel

This tutorial show you that how we create macros and how we use these macros when we need. Below we describe a complete process:
In macro basically we define a series of action and when we Run the macro then Excel perform these action one by one.
First Step is:
Record a new Macro
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Basefont HTML Element

With The Help Of ≪Basefont≫ Element You Can Set The Default Font Of Your Webpage. Base Font Is Applied On The Whole Document. ≪Basefont≫ Tag Is Not Supported In HTML5 And In Some Browser. ≪Basefont≫ Element Use Following Attributes: Read More In This Tutorial

Change the Background Using Extract Filter

In this tutorials we learn how we change the background of the picture using Extract filter. If you have CS4 version or other older version of Photoshop, you can find the Extract filter under the Filter menu. The Extract filter is very useful to cut out or extract a object from the photo and then use it on another photo to change the background of the original photo.Read more.......

Creating a Parameter Query In MS Access 2007

Query is request to DBMS for accessing the information and parameter is a variable which tell to query that which specific of information are required. A parameter query is a SQL command When a parameter query run then its show a prompt to user and ask what you want to search. when user input some criteria then the result will be shown according to your given criteria. For example

Create a Unique URL for Facebook Page

When you open your page on facebook then it become difficult to remember for you self and also when you want to tell your friend about your page. Now facebook provide a facility to get your own simple and easy URL of your Facebook page.

Array In PHP

In This Tutorial We Learn About Array In PHP . Array Store More Then One Data Element With A Single Name. For Example If You Want To Store The Name Of 10 Student Then You Must Declare 10 Variable, For Each Student Name You Must Declare A Unique Variable. But With The Help Of Array You Can Store All Student Name With A Single Variable. Read More------

How we Write Excel Formulas

In this tutorials we discuses the general formula. Basically general formula is user define formula which is collection of cell references , values , and arithmetic operator. When you enter formulas into your Excel worksheet, the formulas can calculate automatically.

Declaring and Initializing Global Variable in C Language

In this tutorial you can learn about Declaring and Initializing Global Variable in C Language. This tutorial is very use full for beginner students. Read more ....................

Adobe Photoshop Patch Tool

The patch tools remove the unwanted element form the image. The patch retouches image using sampled pixels or pattern. if we removed unwanted part of image then we use patch tools. The patch tool take a sample from image and then mix with other part of image in this way any unwanted element hide. patch works like Healing tool. healing tool is used on small aria and for For larger areas.Read more...