Calculate the Sum of a Range Using AutoSum function

In this tutorial we learn that how w calculate the sum of any given data in shape of cell range using AutoSum function. We take an example of the following table in excel:

Add Search Description in Your Blogs

For adding some search description for search engine for Google just take the following steps.
Go to Settings and then select Search Preferences and click Edit.
In "Description" Text filed Select Yes and then , write in your Description of Post and click Save changes.

Basic HTML Elements

The ≪P≫ Tag Is Used To Create A New Paragraph. ≪P≫ Tag Is Opening Element For Paragraph And

Is Closing Element. All The Text Of Paragraph Should Be Placed In Between ≪P≫ And ≪/P≫ Tag As Shown Below In The Example: Read More In This Tutorial.

List in HTML

An Unordered List Starts With The ≪Ul≫ Tag. Each List Item Starts With The ≪Li≫ Tag. An Unordered List Typically Created With Bulleted. You Can Also Customize The Bullets And To Wrap List Items Horizontally Or Vertically For Multicolumn Lists. For More About LIST Read This Tutorial.

How to Create A Blog with Blogger.Com

Created a Gmail account. if you have already then its ok .
Now click on This link to the website On main page Below your name a button is for creating new Blog Click on That button.
In appearing screen Enter the information for example Title of you blog. Address of blog.

Changing The Color of Hair in Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial we learn that how we change the color of nay object like hair in adobe photoshop. we use very simple method just simple steps.
Open up your image in adobe Photoshop File - Open.  ecting a color in the colors palette. Using a hard brush (B), paint over the hair.

if ... else Statements in PHP

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About IF Else Statement InPHP. In IF structure if the condition is true then statements in the body of IF will be executed and if condition is false then nothing will be executed and control transfer to next statement. But if you want to execute some statement in case of False result then you will use the IF and ELSE structure

Amazing Windows Short Cut Keys

In this Tutorial we learn about some very important short cut key which help us to control the computer with keyboard.

Groups In FaceBook

In this Tutorials, you'll learn about Group In facebook and how to create your own Facebook Group. ok start with little definition of group. Facebook Groups are the place for group communication. In the group people share their common interests and express their opinion. Groups allow people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity.

Fill In Excel

Fill Cells Automatically The following process show the Automatically filling. In this example we fill the The SNO from 1 to 10 in Column:
Select any cell where you want to write the first Number. In my example A3 in above image.
Type 1 in cell A3.