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The only thing better than getting new software is learning how to master it with fun, educational tutorials. Whether you want to learn how to use new features, create projects or apply advanced techniques, we can show you how. Watch and download Video Turtoials.

Lasso Tool In Adobe Photoshop

Used for selecting areas of an image that may not necessarily be comprised of straight lines. To create a free form selection, simply choose the lasso tool and click and drag on the canvas. The selection will follow your drag. In this video you can Learn more about Lasso tool in adobe photoshop.

For Loop in C++

In this video you can learn about FOR LOOP in C++ language with the help of very simple and basic examples. This video is very useful for beginner.

Dreamweaver Basics

Manage Sites Click Site- Manage Sites, click New Site (Advanced tab) Under Site name type your site name Click on the yellow folder to set your Local root folder Click on the yellow folder to set your Default images folder

Selecting and Formatting More then one Heading at once in MS Word

in This video you can learn that how we select the more then one caption or Heading or text from different aria at once and how we format them. Watch full video and share with your friends and Subscribe our Chanel for more video updates.

How to Remove Cloths in adobe Photoshop

This tutorial display that How to Open/Remove Cloths in adobe Photoshop 7.0 cs2 cs3 cs4 cs5 cs6 , This tutorials guide you that how can you remove a part of an object in photoshop

Freehand tool

In this tutorial you can learn the use of Free hand tool in CorelDRAW.

IF Statement in C++

In this video you can learn about simple IF statement in C++. A complete Explanation of IF Statement in Simple word for beginner. Watch this video and share with your friends.

INDEX and MATCH Function In Excel

In this video you can learn both INDEX and MATCH function in deatil with the help of suitable example. For more Excel video and Class Notes you can visit our Website :

Absolute and Relative Reference in MS Excel

There are two major types of references used in Microsoft Excel which is an Absolute Reference and a Relative Reference. In this video tutorial we learn how we use the Absolute Reference and a Relative Reference in MS Excel. watch this video and share with your friends

Sorting in Excel

Sorting is Very usefull tool in excel. in this video you can learn the process of sorting in excel with detail example. watch this vido

Inpage Interface Components

This Tutorials is is very informative and helpful for those people who take interest to Learn inpage application. This tutorials in Urdu Language.
In This Tutorial we learn how To Create new file In Inapge and Page setup and basic operation.