Privious Exam Paper of DAE

Exam Paper of Operational Amplifier & Application (BM-242)

Khyber PakhtunKhwa Board of Technical Education Peshawar

Diploma of Associate Engineer

2nd Year Bio – Medical Technology New Course

Annual Examination 2012

Paper: - Operational Amplifier & Application (BM – 242)


Time Allowed: - 03 Hours. Max. Marks: - 50

Note: - Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1: - Define Input resistance, Output resistance and Voltage Gain. Also write their formulas.

Q.2: - Explain the Differential Amplifier with constant current source?

Q.3: - Explain the Circuit Diagram of Comparator using operational Amplifier.

Q.4:- Draw the circuit diagram of Active Filter circuit using OP-AMP and explain it.

Q.5: - Draw the internal block diagram of LM 741 & explain its working principle.

Q.6: - Explain the circuit diagram of Digital to Analog converter using OP-AMP

Q.7: - Explain the circuit diagram of Subtractor using OP-AMP?

Q.8:- Write short note on the following.

  1. i) Digital Volt Meter.
  2. ii) Open Loop Voltage Gain