How we delete all the messages at once at facebook

Deleting message one by one on face book is very slow and time consuming process. If you want to delete the entire message at once then do the following steps. Read more in this tutorial.

Relative and Absolute Cell Reference in MS Excel

The Cell reference which some time also called Relative Cell reference. Normally, if you copy a formula which involves a cell reference to another location, then the cell reference is adjusted relative to its starting point. For example, copying a formula which calculates the sum of a column of numbers to an adjacent cell will sum the adjacent column of cells.  The formula has updated automatically to reference adjacent cells.


In This Tutorials We Learn About The NOUNS. We Also Learn About The Different Types Of Nouns With Details Examples.

Fill In Excel

Fill Cells Automatically The following process show the Automatically filling. In this example we fill the The SNO from 1 to 10 in Column:
Select any cell where you want to write the first Number. In my example A3 in above image.
Type 1 in cell A3.

Font Element In HTML

Font Is Very Important Element Of HTML. With Font Tag You Can Increase The Font Size Which Make The Contents More Readable. You Can Apply Different Font On Your Heading And Give Different Color. You Can Also Use A Basefont Tag To Set The Over All Of Your Text To The Same Size, Face, And Color. Read More About The FONT In This Tutorial.

PMT() Financial Functions

In this tutorials we are discuses the one of the most important function of MS excel financial function. This function called and use with name of PMT( ) function. This function is used for calculation like that monthly payment amounts on a loan Read More about this function.......

Vb.Net Form its Properties, Method and Event

In these tutorials you can learn about VB.Net Form, its properties, its events and methods. This Tutorial gives you an idea that what is Vb.Net and how you can learn it. This tutorials contain the definition of Vb.Net Form and describe the Property of Form, Event of form and Method of form in detail. Read and download this tutorial.

How we Insert The bullets in Word 2007

This Tutorial We Will Guide You That How You Insert The Bullets And Numbering In MS Word. Bullets And Numbering Is Way In Which You Make A List Using Some Special Little Symbol Or Number . Number May Be 1,2,3 Or A, B , C Etc. You Can Create The List Automatically . Read More In This Tutorial.

Find and Replace Option In MS Word

This tutorial guide you how you find a specific text in your document and how you can replace the text in your document. Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

How We Pass String parameter in MS Access Query

In this tutorial we discus that how we pass string parameters to access the record form Access database. For example if we have a table which contain four filed as given below: