Passing Function Arguments

In This Tutorial We Learn How We Pass The Argument To A Function In PHP. In PHP You Can Also Pass The Argument To The Function . These Argument Are The May Be Variables Or Constants Values. Function Can Be Handed Variables, So That You Can Pass The Variable Over To Your Functions By Typing Them Inside Of The Round Brackets Of The Function Name And Also You Can Directly Pass The Value To The Function. Read More------

Create Your First Web Page in HTML

This Tutorial Will Guide You That How You Create A Simple Webpage In Html. For A Simple Web Page Just You Have A Simple Text Editor Such As Note Pad Etc. So Open Your Text Editor And Lets Begin. In This Your First Page I Am Going To Use Four Primary Html Tags Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

Rounding The Numbers MS Excel

In Excel there are different way to round the number. The Round function Rounding the decimal value by comparing the number on the Right of Rounding digit. if this digit is grater then 5 then the rounding digit increase one time if not then it remain the same. On the other hand Roundup always increase the number on the right side of the rounding digit one time. where ROUNDDOWN function always leaves the rounding digit unchanged regardless of the value of the number to its right.

Meta Tags in HTML

The Meta Tags Are Used To Describes The Information About The HTML Page. The Meta Tags Are Very Help Full For The Search Engines To Understand And Categorize Your Web Pages. When People Search Then Your Meta Tags Provide The Complete Information About The Contents Of Your Page. Read More About Meta Tags In This Tutorial.

PHP Comparison Operators

In This Tutorial We Discus The Different Comparison Operator And The Use Of These Comparison Operator. Comparison Operator Are Used For Compare Two Values And The Result Of Comparison Operator Is Always True Or False. Comparison Operator Used In Transfer Of Control Statement.

How to Create a New Database Access 2007

In This Tutorial We Learn That How We Create A New Database In In Access 2007. We Can Create New Database In Two Way 1- Create A New Database From Template. 2-Create A New Blank Database. This Tutorial Teach You Step By Step Process Of Creating A New Database In Access 2007 And 2010

Multilevel Bullets and Numbering In MS Word

This tutorials guide you step by step process of creating multilevel list. Click on Home Tab from office Ribbon and Click the little arrow on the multilevel List icon in Paragraph Group and the select the Style of multilevel list which you want: Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

HAVING Clause in SQL

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About HAVING Clause In SQL . When We Use Any Aggregate Functions In Our SQL Statement Then We Can't Use The WHERE Clause With These Type Of Statement. For Example If We Use SUM Function In SELECT Statement Using GROUP BY Clause Then We Can Not Use The Where Clause. Read More About HAVING Clause In This Tutorial.

Vb.Net Form its Properties, Method and Event

In these tutorials you can learn about VB.Net Form, its properties, its events and methods. This Tutorial gives you an idea that what is Vb.Net and how you can learn it. This tutorials contain the definition of Vb.Net Form and describe the Property of Form, Event of form and Method of form in detail. Read and download this tutorial.