In This Tutorial We Will Learn About ALIAS In SQL . In SQL ALIAS Are Temporary Name Of The Table Or Column. Some Time When We Get The Output For Example When We Calculate The Value Like Using SUM Function Or Use GROUP BY Claus Then Our Column Heading Are Not Simple And Understandable Then We Use ALIAS. Read More About ALIAS In This Tutorial.

Link a Word Document in your webpage

In This Tutorial We Guide You How You Can Link Your Word Document To Your Web Page So That The Any Your User Can Be Download The File. Read More step by Step Procedure in This Tutorial.

Changing Case Function

In This Tutorial We Learn About Change Case Function In PHP. Spouse If Any One Submit Some Information In String Format Like That His/Her Name In Small Latter But You Want To Store His/Her Name In Capital Latter Or Title Case In Which Each Character Of Word Is Capital Or Any Else Then You Have Following Function. Read More------

Encrypt the Folder or File

In this Tutorials we learn how we encrypting the folder in windows.
When you encrypt any file or folder then that file or folder only will be open on your computer.

Basefont HTML Element

With The Help Of ≪Basefont≫ Element You Can Set The Default Font Of Your Webpage. Base Font Is Applied On The Whole Document. ≪Basefont≫ Tag Is Not Supported In HTML5 And In Some Browser. ≪Basefont≫ Element Use Following Attributes: Read More In This Tutorial

Saving The Word document as a Template in Office 2007

In This Tutorials We Describe That How We Save The MS Word File As Template. Click On Office Button And Select New And The Select My Templates. In Appearing Dialog Box Select Blank Document . Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

Creating a Check Box in Access 2007

In This tutorials we learn that how we create check box object in our Access 2007 form. below is the step by step detail:

How we Insert The bullets in Word 2007

This Tutorial We Will Guide You That How You Insert The Bullets And Numbering In MS Word. Bullets And Numbering Is Way In Which You Make A List Using Some Special Little Symbol Or Number . Number May Be 1,2,3 Or A, B , C Etc. You Can Create The List Automatically . Read More In This Tutorial.

Create Custom Patterns in Photoshop

In adobe photo shop we can create our own pattern and save these pattern for the feature use. There are two ways of making the pattern first extraction form an image and other one is customize you own pattern. In this tutorials we discus how we Create Custom patterns.

Operator overloading in C++

Operator overloading is a way in which we give the capability to existing C++ operators to operate on data type over which they cannot operate ordinarily......