DIV in HTML Document

The DIV Element Is A Container Block That Divides The HTML Page Into Different Sections. Like A Table You Can Use Div Element To Group Together HTML Elements And Apply CSS Styles To Many Elements At Once. The Div Element Is Currently The Most Common Method For Identifying The Structural Sections Of A Document. For More About DIV Read This Tutorial.

Before Applying Google Adsense

Privacy Policy: in your Blog Privacy actually describes to your readers about what they will get on your Blog , what they should do and what they should not. You can get help form Privacy Policy Generators ( search on google ). 2. About Us Page This is one of the most important page in you Blog. About page simply tell about you and your Blog to other people. 3. Contact Us Page

Switch Statement in PHP

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About Switch Statement in PHP. In Switch Statement we have a expression mostly a variable for example n. Below in the body of switch we have different cases. In each case we compare this variable n with each case.

Remove Duplicate Value In MS Excel

Removing duplicate values are are very important task in MS Excel. . A duplicate value is one where all values in the row are an exact match of all the values in another row. After deleting duplicate values you can get unique data in the table or Simple in List.
Excel 2007 and excel 2010 has a powerful data function that allows you to simply select a set of data and remove duplicate rows. The data function approach is probably both the simplest and the fastest way to remove duplicate values in Excel.

Interactive Extrude Tool in Corel DRAW

This tutorials guide you about the interactive Extrude tool in Corel Draw. interactive Extrude tool basically used for creating 3d effect on the object. We take an example for understanding the work of interactive Extrude tool.

Macros In Excel

This tutorial show you that how we create macros and how we use these macros when we need. Below we describe a complete process:
In macro basically we define a series of action and when we Run the macro then Excel perform these action one by one.
First Step is:
Record a new Macro
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Converting an Image to Black and White In Adobe Photoshop

In This tutorials we discus that how we convert an color photograph in black and white photograph. You can convert full image and also some parts of image. The following procedure is used for this purpose:
Open an image and select that specific part of image which you want to convert in to black and white. if you are going to convert whole image then don't select.
In my this tutorial i am going to convert the whole picture of girl leaving jewelry of the girl in following image.

Unsharp Mask Filter in Adobe Photoshop

The unsharp Mask Filter in Adobe Photoshop is used for sharpening your images. when we take photo or scan image then some time our image require some adjustment like that some type of sharping. Then we use Unsharp Mask in Photoshop.

Server Variables

PHP have some predefine variable in which one of the most important type of variables are server variables. Basically Server variable which is define as $_SERVER is an array, which contain the information about headers, paths, browser information, the IP address, and which web page the visitor came from etc. The information in this array are created and store by the web server. This is also possible that some of the information will not provides by the server.

Removing People or Objects In Adobe Photo Shop

Select the Zoom tool.
With the Zoom tool selected, click and drag so that a marquee surrounds the object you want to remove. Photoshop zooms in on that image.
Select the Pen tool.
Select Paths on the toolbar.