GROUP BY Clause in SQL

In This Tutorial We Will Learn GROUP BY Clause In SQL . GROUP BY Clause In Sql Is Used For Arrange The Same Type Of Data In To Groups. GROUP BY Clause Is Used In SELECT Statement With Aggregate Functions . Read More About GROUP BY Clause In This Tutorial.

Meta Tags in HTML

The Meta Tags Are Used To Describes The Information About The HTML Page. The Meta Tags Are Very Help Full For The Search Engines To Understand And Categorize Your Web Pages. When People Search Then Your Meta Tags Provide The Complete Information About The Contents Of Your Page. Read More About Meta Tags In This Tutorial.

Switch Case Statement IN C

In This Tutorial You Can Learn About Switch Case Statement In C/C++. This Tutorial Explain That How We Use Switch Case Structure And How Its Work. This Tutorial Is Very Helpful For Beginner Student. Read More...

Removing scratch from image in Photoshop

in this tutorials we Remove the scratches from the image face with the help of healing Tool.
Open the image which have some scratches.
Now Select The healing tool from tool box or press E key.

Fill In Excel

Fill Cells Automatically The following process show the Automatically filling. In this example we fill the The SNO from 1 to 10 in Column:
Select any cell where you want to write the first Number. In my example A3 in above image.
Type 1 in cell A3.

PHP Comparison Operators

In This Tutorial We Discus The Different Comparison Operator And The Use Of These Comparison Operator. Comparison Operator Are Used For Compare Two Values And The Result Of Comparison Operator Is Always True Or False. Comparison Operator Used In Transfer Of Control Statement.

Image Sharpening In Adobe Photoshop

There Are Many Ways To Make Image Sharpen In Adobe Photoshop. In This Tutorial We Discuses Sharpening Image With Sharpen Filter And Quick Sharpening With High Pass Filter. Read More.........

Array In PHP

In This Tutorial We Learn About Array In PHP . Array Store More Then One Data Element With A Single Name. For Example If You Want To Store The Name Of 10 Student Then You Must Declare 10 Variable, For Each Student Name You Must Declare A Unique Variable. But With The Help Of Array You Can Store All Student Name With A Single Variable. Read More------

Saving The Word document as a Template in Office 2007

In This Tutorials We Describe That How We Save The MS Word File As Template. Click On Office Button And Select New And The Select My Templates. In Appearing Dialog Box Select Blank Document . Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

How to Create a Transparent Gradient in Photoshop

In this tutorials we learn that how we create transparent gradient layer. This technique can be used to fade an image into the background color or another image, text, very first step open an image in adobe Photoshop.