Citations and Bibliography In MS word 2007

When You Are Going To Write A Research Paper Or Some Thing In Which You Are Required To Include A Bibliography. Like Making The A List Of References Or A List Of Source Such As Books, Articles, Or Even Websites That You Used To Research And Write Your Paper. You Can Enter Each Citation And The Respective Reference Manually And Then Make The List Of All These References But MS Word Provide An Easy Way To Insert And Manage These References And Bibliography. Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

Saving The Word document as a Template in Office 2007

In This Tutorials We Describe That How We Save The MS Word File As Template. Click On Office Button And Select New And The Select My Templates. In Appearing Dialog Box Select Blank Document . Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

How we delete all the messages at once at facebook

Deleting message one by one on face book is very slow and time consuming process. If you want to delete the entire message at once then do the following steps. Read more in this tutorial.

BETWEEN Operator in SQL

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About BETWEEN Operator In SQL . When We Use Between Operator Then It Compare All The Records Which Match With Our Given Range After BETWEEN Operator. Read More About BETWEEN Operator In This Tutorial.

Multilevel Bullets and Numbering In MS Word

This tutorials guide you step by step process of creating multilevel list. Click on Home Tab from office Ribbon and Click the little arrow on the multilevel List icon in Paragraph Group and the select the Style of multilevel list which you want: Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

Creating Menu In Dream weaver

In This Tutorial You Learn About Dream Weaver And Creating Menu System In Dream Weaver. Following Step Is Brief Description of Creating Menu Read this Tutorial.

Explode() Function in PHP

In This Tutorial We Learn About Explode Function In PHP. Explode Function Split A Line Of Text Into More Then One Parts. For Example, If You Have Student Name In One Sentence And You Want To Break These Text And Split Each Name And Then Store In Array, Then You Can Use Explode ( ) Function. Read More------

Unsharp Mask Filter in Adobe Photoshop

The unsharp Mask Filter in Adobe Photoshop is used for sharpening your images. when we take photo or scan image then some time our image require some adjustment like that some type of sharping. Then we use Unsharp Mask in Photoshop.

Header Function

In This Tutorial We Learn Header() Function In PHP. The PHP Header() Function Send The Raw HTTP Headers Request To The Browser. In PHP You Can Used The Header Function For Redirect The User To Another Location. The Header Code Must Be Place At The Very Top Of The Page To Prevent Any Other Part Of The Page From Loading.Read More------

Creating Split Forms in MS Access 2007

Form is any easy way to enter, view, update and delete the data from database. You can Easily create the Entry Form using different tools in access 2007. in MS access there are number of way to create a form in Access 2007.
In this tutorials we learn how to create an Spilt Form. A split form is a form in which the data is displayed in two views simultaneously. One part is display the data in form view and other displays the data in Datasheet view.