Open all Last Close Tabs in Google Chrome Browser

In this tutorial we learn how we open last close tabs in Google Chrome Browser Automatically with one short cut key.

Attributes in HTML Tags

In HTML Tags We Can Also Specify The Attributes In Start Tag Of The Element. Attribute Are The Additional Information About That Tag Which Define The Characteristics Of An Element For Example Height, Reference, Color Etc . In This Tutorial HTML Tags Attribute Are Discussed. Read More About Attribute In This Tutorial.


In This Tutorial We Will Learn About ALIAS In SQL . In SQL ALIAS Are Temporary Name Of The Table Or Column. Some Time When We Get The Output For Example When We Calculate The Value Like Using SUM Function Or Use GROUP BY Claus Then Our Column Heading Are Not Simple And Understandable Then We Use ALIAS. Read More About ALIAS In This Tutorial.

Creating Split Forms in MS Access 2007

Form is any easy way to enter, view, update and delete the data from database. You can Easily create the Entry Form using different tools in access 2007. in MS access there are number of way to create a form in Access 2007.
In this tutorials we learn how to create an Spilt Form. A split form is a form in which the data is displayed in two views simultaneously. One part is display the data in form view and other displays the data in Datasheet view.

Header Function

In This Tutorial We Learn Header() Function In PHP. The PHP Header() Function Send The Raw HTTP Headers Request To The Browser. In PHP You Can Used The Header Function For Redirect The User To Another Location. The Header Code Must Be Place At The Very Top Of The Page To Prevent Any Other Part Of The Page From Loading.Read More------

Eraser and Knife Tool in CorelDRAW

In This Tutorial you learn the use of Eraser Tool and Knife tool in CorelDRAW. When you use eraser on an object its divided in to tow section but these two section are still combined into one object. Read more in this tutorial.

Creating a Form In design View In MS Access

In this tutorial we learn that how we create a new form in Ms Access 2007 Application.
The following procedure is used to create the For in Design View:

Fill In Excel

Fill Cells Automatically The following process show the Automatically filling. In this example we fill the The SNO from 1 to 10 in Column:
Select any cell where you want to write the first Number. In my example A3 in above image.
Type 1 in cell A3.

How we delete all the messages at once at facebook

Deleting message one by one on face book is very slow and time consuming process. If you want to delete the entire message at once then do the following steps. Read more in this tutorial.

Const and volatile keyword IN C /C++

In This Tutorial You Can Learn About Const And Volatile Keyword . There Is Type Of Qualifiers In C++ Const And Volatile. In C/C++ When We Declare The Variable With Const Keyword Then We Cannot Change Its Value. A Const Variable Must Be Assigned A Value At The Time Of Its Declaration. Read More..