Consolidation In MS Excel

Microsoft Excel data consolidation feature allows multiple tables to be consolidated ( Combine ) into a single summary report. The Excel consolidation ?is very easy and useful tools for printing and viewing the single report of more then one data sheet.

Edit your Profile on Facebook

This tutorial guide you step by step process of Editing your profile information.
Logon to facebook with your account. Click on home Tab fro top.
Click Edit Profile option from left panel near your profile picture. (As Shown Below Image)

Add Search Description in Your Blogs

For adding some search description for search engine for Google just take the following steps.
Go to Settings and then select Search Preferences and click Edit.
In "Description" Text filed Select Yes and then , write in your Description of Post and click Save changes.

How Facebook Show Description From Your Post

When you share a link of your post form your website or your blog on facebook it would display the first few lines of the post and use it as content description. This is done by sharing a post using a Facebook share button and also you can Copy The Post link and Past on Facebook. Read more in This Tutorial.

Declaring and Initializing Global Variable in C Language

In this tutorial you can learn about Declaring and Initializing Global Variable in C Language. This tutorial is very use full for beginner students. Read more ....................

How we use The Functions in MS Excel

Before using the function you must understand the cell reference . Cell Reference refer to a cell or a group of cells. in excel mostly we use the reference operator instead of actual value for example if we have a cell A1 with fill with value 20 and A2 is other cell fill with value 30 then if we want to add the two number then we write the following formula in cell A3:

AS Keyword In SQL

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About AS Keyword In SQL . In SQL When We Assign The ALIAS To Any Column Or Table Then We Use AS Keyword. Although We Assign The ALIAS With Out AS Keyword But Using As Keyword Is A Explicit Way. Read More About AS Keyword In This Tutorial.

Hide Your Files and Folders

In this Tutorials we learn how we hide files anf folders in windows. For this purpose follow the step given below

Block any Website in Your Computer

In This tutorial we learn that how we block any website in our computer. For this purpose open the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder.
In etc folder you can find a file name hosts

HTML Image Tag

In This Tutorial You Learn How You Can Add An Image In Your Webpage. The Image Is A Separate File And We Make This File As Part Of Our Webpage So User Can View This Image In Web Browser. For Inserting An Image In A Webpage Is Possible With Image Element. Below We Discus Image Tag and Its Different Attribute.