How to Create A Blog with Blogger.Com

Created a Gmail account. if you have already then its ok .
Now click on This link to the website On main page Below your name a button is for creating new Blog Click on That button.
In appearing screen Enter the information for example Title of you blog. Address of blog.

How we Blend Photos In Adobe Photo Shop

In This Tutorial We're Going To Learn How To Blend Photos Together Like A Hollywood Movie Poster. For Example We Have These Two Images And We Want To Blend First With Second And Final Result Is As Shown Blow Images. Read More.........

Privacy settings for my photo albums

This simple tutorial guide you that how you manage your privacy settings for photo albums:
Go to your Profile (Timeline) and click on the Photos section.
Click the Albums on The Top of Photo Section.

FOR Loop in PHP

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About For Loop In PHP. When We Want To Execute A Statement Or Set Of Statement More Then One Time Then We Use Loop. We Use For Loop Where We Already Know That Ho Many Time These Statements Should Be Execute


In This Tutorial We Will Learn About ALIAS In SQL . In SQL ALIAS Are Temporary Name Of The Table Or Column. Some Time When We Get The Output For Example When We Calculate The Value Like Using SUM Function Or Use GROUP BY Claus Then Our Column Heading Are Not Simple And Understandable Then We Use ALIAS. Read More About ALIAS In This Tutorial.

Do While Loop in C Language

In this Tutorial you can learn about Do..While loop in C/C++. This tutorial explain that how we use Do..while loop and how its work. This Tutorial is very helpful for beginner student. Read More..........................

Saving Images for the Web in Adobe Photoshop

When you thinking to upload the image on web then we are very care full about two think. first the size of the image and the quality of the image. we must balance the quality of the graphic and the file size of the media to suit your personal needs because when we working on internet then speed is so importance (for example we every one want quick loading) so in this case we may be give sacrifice some quality of a graphic. Where quality is important, you may need to sacrifice some speed. Read More......

Facebook Profile

On the face book Your friends have make an impact on your Face book profile. people see which type of your friend are? So be carefully decide your criteria for adding Friends on Face book. These are the people who will post something on your profile, or tag you in a picture.

Hyperlinks In HTML

The HTML Anchor Tags ≪A≫ Is Used To Create A Hyperlink In Your Document. This Tutorial Will Guide You That How We Create A Link Of Simple Text And Images. Hyperlinks Are Created With An &Quot;Href&Quot; Tag . Read More In This Tutorial.

How We Pass String parameter in MS Access Query

In this tutorial we discus that how we pass string parameters to access the record form Access database. For example if we have a table which contain four filed as given below: