HTML DECIMAL Color Code and HEX Color Code

In This Tutorial You Can Learn About RGB Color Code And HEX Color Code. HEX Color Code Use Hexadecimal Numbers. Hexadecimal Numbers Are Numbers Based On The Value Of 16. Means That It Contain 16 Number 0 To 9 And Then A,B,C,D,E,F For 10,11,12,13,14,15 Respectively. Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

Pivot Table In MS Excel

The Excel Pivot table ?is called summarize table which is created form an other complicated table. A pivot table is a great reporting tool that sorts and sums independent of the original data layout in the spreadsheet.
in this tutorials we explain that how a pivot table is created ? and how we summarize, analyze, explore and present your data.

Creating a Parameter Query In MS Access 2007

Query is request to DBMS for accessing the information and parameter is a variable which tell to query that which specific of information are required. A parameter query is a SQL command When a parameter query run then its show a prompt to user and ask what you want to search. when user input some criteria then the result will be shown according to your given criteria. For example

Creating a New Form through Wizard In Access 2007

This tutorial teach you that How you will create a new form using form wizard in access 2007 Step by Step Process.

HAVING Clause in SQL

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About HAVING Clause In SQL . When We Use Any Aggregate Functions In Our SQL Statement Then We Can't Use The WHERE Clause With These Type Of Statement. For Example If We Use SUM Function In SELECT Statement Using GROUP BY Clause Then We Can Not Use The Where Clause. Read More About HAVING Clause In This Tutorial.

PMT() Financial Functions

In this tutorials we are discuses the one of the most important function of MS excel financial function. This function called and use with name of PMT( ) function. This function is used for calculation like that monthly payment amounts on a loan Read More about this function.......

COUNTBLANK Function In MS Excel

The Excel Countblank function is one of the count function in MS excel. The Countblank function count the blank cell in a given range.
The syntax of the function is :

Include Function

In This Tutorial We Learn Include Function In PHP. Include Function In PHP Copy All The Contents Of One PHP File In Other PHP File. Once You Include A File Then All The Variable Of Include File Inherits The Variable Scope Of The Line On Which The Include Occurs And Can Be Used After This Line. Include Function Is Very Help Full When You Want To Use Same Type Of Contents In More Then Pages In The Same Way.Read More--

PHP Concatenation

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About concatenation operator In PHP.In PHP a simple dot or period sign ( . ) is concatenation operator. Concatenation operator join the tow string or tow variable to gather.

While Loop In PHP

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About While Loop In PHP. While Loop Is Event Control Loop. Its Repeat Executing The Statement While An Specific Event Perform. Where Event Is An Condition. The Loop Goes Round And Round While The Condition Is True.