NTS Test For Police Constable Selection


MCQs of English For NTS Test

Complete the following sentences by selecting the most appropriate word from the given lettered choices (A, B, C, D) below each question.

1. The driver suddenly applied the brakes when he saw a ------------- truck ahead him.

  1. Stationary
  2. static
  3. Moving

2.      Salma is much too ------------ to have anything to do with that obnoxious affair.

  1. Noble
  2. Prude
  3. Happy
  4. Difficult

3.       Nearly everybody has trouble ------------- at one time or another.

  1. Sleep
  2. In sleeping
  3. During sleeping
  4. Sleeping

4.      Their conversation was upsetting for the gravity of topic contrasted oddly with the --------- of their tone.

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Lightness
  3. Rapidity


5.      ----------- Crude hydrocarbons into such product as gasoline and petrochemicals is at the heart of the petroleum industry .

  1. Refined
  2. For refining
  3. Refining
  4. Refine

In the following questions, select the pair of words given against (A, B, C,D) which has the same relation as between the first two original lettered.


  1. Boldness: Hirsute
  2. Gauntless : BeauifuI
  3. Erudition: Learned
  4. Competence: Strict


  1. Emaciated: Nourishment
  2. Variegated: Variety
  3. Aristocratic : Stature
  4. Contended: Happiness

8.      RUN: RACEW

  1. Walk: Pogo stick
  2. Swim: Boat
  3. Sink: Bottle
  4. Fly: Kite


  1. Form: Formal
  2. Abuse: Deny
  3. Serve: Wait 

9.     SNAKE : FANG

  1. Teacher : College
  2. Stage : Horne
  3. Vampire : Teeth


Select the lettered choice (A, B ,C ,D) that is most nearly opposite in meaning  to the word


11.  AXIOM:

  1. Maxim
  2. Absurdity
  3. Angle
  4. Height

12.  URBAN:

  1. Rural
  2. Polished
  3. Pure


  1. Refined
  2. Parallel
  3. Include


  1. Formal
  2. Connected
  3. General


  1. Culmination
  2. Dissipate
  3. Amity
  4. Sloppy

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at its end:

Something is radically wrong with the entire structure of human relationship that makes man delight in killing man, whether it is in the name of civilization or religion or anything else two wrongs do not make a right, hatred must beget hatred. It is this fundamental truth that women have got to bring home to the people in their respective countries. No peace treaties can call that have revenge as their basis and self-righteous arrogance and hypocrisy in the so called victors. But women are the natural preservers of life.

16.   The expression ' s Two Wrong Do not Make a Right - means that:

  1. A wrong action in retaliation dose not mends matters.
  2. Hatred destroys the person who perpetrates it.
  3. A tit for tat policy aggravates hatred

17.   Which of the following statement is not Implied In the passage?

  1. It is human tendency to kill others professing different religion
  2. It is the duty of women to foster peace and harmony among st their Countrymen.
  3. Peace treaties among nations tend to establish peace in the world.
  4. If you hate someone, he is bound to respond with the same feeling.


18.   Which Word is opposite in meaning to PRESERVER as used in the passage?

  1. Enemy
  2. Destroyer.
  3. Rival.
  4. Belligerent.


19.   Which of the following would sum up most suitably the central idea of passage?

  1. The role of women in the world of hatred violence o
  2. Man's instinct of destroying others.
  3. Hatred leads to further hatred.
  4. The significance of peace treaties.


20.   Choose the correct SPELLINGS:

a.       (i) Revel (ii) Ravel         (iii) Reval

b.      (i) Succead  (ii) Suced       (iii) Succeed

c.       (i) Pesition              (ii) Position           (iii) Positioen

d.      (i) Similer                 (ii) Simmler        (iii) Similar

e.      (i) Fulfel (ii) Fulfal        (iii) Fulfill