NTS Sample Question For 5th class Exam


Choose the true and false statement.

1- Animals with similar characteristics are placed in one group. (True)
2- Reptiles have hair on their bodies. (False)
3- Bat is a mammal that can fly. (True)
4- The largest group of plants is flowering plants. (True)
5- Veins of a dicot leaf run parallel to each other.(False)

Note: Encircle the correct answer.

Classifying the animals and plants is called:
(a)Taxonomy (b)Biology (c)Chemistry (d)Classification
All the following are flowering plants except:
 (a) Sun Flower (b) Moss (c) Jasmine (d) Rose
Running birds lost their ability of flight as:
 (a) They fail to develop wings duet their life style.
(b) They tried to live.
[c) They had no enemy in their environment hence need not to fly .
(d) Their wings were destroyed due to a viral disease.
All are the characteristics of mammals except.
 (a) Hair on the body (b) Very hard rough skin. (c) Mother suckles the babies on its milk.(d) Give birth to babies.
Monocot plants can be differentiated from dicot plants by the character of:
(a) roots deep in the soil, (b) grow in deserts only .
(c) stem very hard and woody.
(d) number of cotyledons in the seed.
Fill in the blanks. 1- None flowering plants generally grow in ---------- soil. (Damp)
2- Monocots and --------------- are the subgroups of Flowering plants. (Dicots)
3- Insects and worms are the subgroups of --------------- . (Invertebrates)
4- Those vertebrates which respire through gills are --------------- (Fishes)
5- Snakes, lizards, crocodiles, tortoises, turtles all belong to the group of-------------- ( reptiles.)
6-  Virus can survive only inside a -------- organism. (Cell)
 7- The natural ability of the body to resist diseases is called ----------- ( immunity).
8- Infection Of ---------- can be avoided by (microorganisms)

Note: Choose the true and false statment.
1- All the viruses are harmful. (True)
2- A fungus yeast converts milk into curd. (False)
3- Infections of microorganisms could be avoided by observing cleanliness. (True)
5- The most important benefit of bacteria and fungi is to decompose the dead bodies of animals and plants. (True)
6- Bacteria and fungi are simple plants. (False)
7- All seeds have two cotyledons. (False)
8- When cotyledons come above the soil the Jermination is said to be epigeal. (True)
9- Wheat, maize, barley and gram are all monocots. (False)
10 -Some seeds can grow without air. (False)
11- Stored food is present in seed coat. (False)
Fill in the Blanks
1- Microorganisms can only be seen with equipment called
(a) Microscope (b) Spectroscope (c) Telescope (d) Stethoscope
2-First antibiotic was extract from a:
(a) Bacteria (b) Fungus (c) Virus (d) Plant
3- Hepatitis and polio is caused by:
(a) Fungus (b) Bacteria (c) Virus (d) Mushroom
4- The micro-organism asked in baking industry is.
(a) Penicillin (b)Yeast (c)Armillaria(d) Aspergillus
 5- All of these are benefits of bacteria except
(a) Decomposition (b) Oxygen Production (c) Nitrogen Fixation (d) Dilution
7- First antibiotic was extract from a:
(a) Fungus (b) Bacteria (d) Plant
8- Hepatitis and polio is caused by:
(a) Fungus (b) Bacteria (c) Virus (d) Mushroom
9- The micro-organism usksed in baking industry is.
(a) Penicillin (b)Yeast (c) Mashrom
10- All of these are benefits of bacteria except
(a)Decomposition (b) Oxygen Producation
(c) Nitrogen Fixation (d) Dilution
11- Cotyledons are very important because they:
(a) store fertilizers (b)store water (c) store food (d)store air