NTS Sample Question For 5th class Exam GERNAL SCIENCE

Note: Select the correct answer for the following statements.
1-State of matter which has definite shape and volume is called.
(a) solid (b) liquid (c) Gas (d )none of these
2-It fills all the volume available:
 (a) liquid (b) gas (c) solid (d) soil
3- Change of state from liquid to solid is:
 (a) freezing (b) boiling (c)evaporation (d) Condensation
4- In water cycle, sun plays important role in:
(a) condensation (b) evaporation (c) sublimation (d) boiling
5- The attractive force between molecules is stronger in:
 (a) liquid (b) solid  (c) gas (d )all
6- SI unit of force is:
(a) Meter (b) Pound (c) Kilogram (d) Newton
7- Ball bearings reduce friction because they:
(a) reduce roughness of surface.
(b) roll on surface to reduce friction. (c) increases the surface area in contact. 8- Sharpener is an example of
(a) Lever (b) Wedge (c) Inclined Plane (c) Inertia
9-Earth behaves like a magnet with ----------- poles
(a) three (b) one (c) Two (d) four
10- ----------- is electromagnetic device.
(a) radio (b) electric bell (c) electric bulb (d)television
11- Lighting is due to
(a) static charges (b) dynamic charges (c) rain (d)atmosphere
12- Magnetic field is strong at
(a) poles of magnet (b) center of magnet (c) only North Pole (d) only South Pole
13- Compass will always point towards.
(a) North South (b) North East
(c) South East (d) East West

Fill in the blanks
1- When an opaque object blocks the light --------- is formed. (shadow)
2- Sun is the main source of light ----------- . (energy)
3-Image formed on screen is a ---------- image. (real)
4- ---------- occurs when the sun casts a shadow of the moon on earth eclipse. (Solar)
5-The flow of charge is called ------------ (Electric Current)
6-We use Fuse to make ---------- safe. (circuit)
7-Compass is used to find the ---------- (direction) .
 8- ------------ is necessary in house wiring. (Magnetic breakers)
9-Charges at rest are called ----------- (Electrostatic)
10-Matter exists in ------------- states (three)
11-Boiling point of pure water is-------- (100c)
12-Moisture is tiny droplet of ------------- ( Water.)
13-In solids, Molecules are -------------- packed. (closely)
14-Liquid adopts the ---------- of container. (shape)