MS Excel Tutorial

Convert Excel Data in to a Table

In This Tutorial you can learn how we create excel Table and what are the benefit of Excel Table. Why we create Table in Excel. These tables have useful features, like sorting and filtering, to help organize and view data.

Now we describe the Step by Step Procedure of Creating a Tale in Excel or we say that converting the Excel data in to a table.
 For this purpose following steps will be taken:

  1. Select any cell.

  2. Excel table
  3. Click on Insert Menu Tab and Select Table from.
  4. You’re all data automatically selected.
  5. A dialog box will be appear which Show the Range which is Selected.
  6. Remember: if you’re Table has header row then Select the check box “May table has Headers”

  7. Excel table

  8. Click Ok button to accept the Setting.
  9. Now You Can Enter New Record. When you insert new record in this table Formula value Automatically Calculated, Formatting is also automatically copied on each next row.
  10. You can Also Change the Format of The Table form Design Menu.
  11. Just like Changing Color Theme, Table Style Option For example calculating the row total etc.
  12. You can also change the name of the table and use this name as reference.

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